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Search results

  1. GT3 S650 unveiling on June 9 at Le Mans

    That is what the Corvette Racing engine sounded like before the flat plane crank engine.
  2. What's the best looking S650 wheel?

    The current build site shows this for the GTPP Nite Pony.
  3. Mirrors Auto Dimming?

    The question was, " What vehicles have auto-dimming side mirrors? "
  4. Mirrors Auto Dimming?

  5. Front Fenders

    Front fenders now appear to be steel? Previous model had aluminum front fenders I guess. Preliminary specs here: https://media.ford.com/content/dam/fordmedia/North%20America/US/2022/09/14/2024-mustang-technical-specifications.pdf
  6. Mirrors Auto Dimming?

    Order guide only mentions rear view mirror as auto dimming. What does a 2023 have?
  7. [Update: AM is staying!] AM Radio is removed on the 2024 Mustang

    In some areas (ie. Detroit), an AM station is being simulcast on a FM HD2 or HD3 station.