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Search results

  1. 2024 Mustang Scheduling This Week (6/1/23) for Production Weeks 7/10-7/24

    Sad days. Another week of waiting to see if DH gets scheduled
  2. DH over GT worth it?

    My loaded GT Prem i specced out came out to 59k. Thats without recaros. A base DH came out to 61k. I was able to snag one for MSRP so i did. The only big difference is im getting cloth/vinyl seats vs all leather seats. But im getting a tremec, more HP, forged internals, and it most likely will...
  3. S650 vs S550 GT500 side by side, with driving & tail lights turn signal footage

    Been thinking of changing my order from Vapor to grabber on my dark horse. But this video def helps my decision. It looks great here
  4. Grabber Blue vs Vapor Blue Poll

    Currently have a dark horse on order in vapor. But highly considering changing to grabber.
  5. Grabber Blue vs Vapor Blue Poll

    i dont believe its on the bronco. its only on the Mach E and the Ford Escape
  6. Grabber Blue vs Vapor Blue Poll

    Which one do you all think is best?
  7. Price Increase on Dark Horse Premium Model

    when the build site first dropped i think it was Base=57k Prem=59k
  8. Price Increase on Dark Horse Premium Model

    looks like the Dark Horse premium has raised in price about 2 grand
  9. Pictures of Base Dark Horse seats?

    i cant find pictures at all of cloth insert/vinyl trim S550 seats. just all 100% cloth seats. on the website it says "Deep Indigo Cloth with Vinyl Trim" so im wondering if just the blue insert is cloth and all the black is in Vinyl?
  10. Blue Ember vs Vapor Blue Poll Dark Horse

    My order is Vapor blue as well lol but I haven’t gotten my VIN yet so I can still change color. Picking the color on my Dark Horse has been the hardest option for me personally
  11. Blue Ember vs Vapor Blue Poll Dark Horse

    which color is better in your guys opinion?
  12. Pictures of Base Dark Horse seats?

    Are there any pictures floating around of the base Dark Horse seats? I’ve only seen the appearance pack seats and the recaros. But can’t find the base non premium package seats
  13. Can I add Recaros to my order or is it to late?

    He’s gonna hate me cuz I changed the color recently too lol. From white to Vapor blue.
  14. Can I add Recaros to my order or is it to late?

    I ordered a Dark Horse and still haven’t gotten a production date or VIN. I didn’t order them with Recaros and wanted to add them. Wondering if it’s too late?
  15. What are you upgrading from?

    2019 Golf R
  16. Help me pick a color for my GT. Poll

    leaning towards Shadow Black but curious what your favorite color is.
  17. Dark Horse Magneride question -- Magnetic Damping System the same?

    So ive seen mixed things about this topic. I see that the Dark Horse comes standard with Mangeride. But then in the Dark Horse Handling Package there is "Magnetic Damping System". So is there a difference between those two? Or do i have to order the Handling Package in order to get Magneride?