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  1. papaD


    Winters are long and cold in Winnipeg So, I try to get the most out of the nice weather. Have always had either a convertible or a Jeep Wrangle in the stable at all times. Just sold my 69 Dart GTS convertible which was a sunday crusier. Turning 60 in a couple months. this will be my summer...
  2. papaD

    GT with or without performance pack?

    Keep in mind, you don't get the rear wing on the convertible with PP it is listed as "Spoiler Delete (Convertible Only)"
  3. papaD

    No fog lights on the S650

    I will be adding some type of fog light, not sure what will work/fit (look best). Need to have the car first. However... my window sticker does say "FOG LAMPS". Not sure what that is?
  4. papaD


    well, it's not even summer yet, it will be 88 degrees next 4 days (loving it!) But then, it will be -35 to -40 in the middle of winter... Soon the mutant mosquitos will be out. Only Polar Bears I have seen are on TV or at the Zoo!! LOL Choose wisely Grasshopper
  5. papaD


    Manitoba has 5% Federal tax PLUS 7% Provincial tax the extra 7% ($5,100 on my $73,000) eats up any savings pretty quick. Now, don't even get me started on our "FREE" health care system...
  6. papaD


    Thanks for making me look up mine!
  7. papaD

    Looks like 2024 Mustang production starting next week (5/22)!

    My build date moved from May 22 to May 29th. On Friday it was bumped again to June 5th... Was hoping to have the top down this summer. It will be a long winter looking at it in the garage!
  8. papaD

    Official OXFORD WHITE Mustang S650 Thread

    Awesome...just the way I ordered mine!! Just need to see one with Space Grey interior... Thanks for the picture.
  9. papaD

    No fog lights on the S650

    There are many deer where I live (rural country). there can be deer off in the ditches that the normal headlights won't pick up. As soon as I turn on my factory foglights, i can see them even into the field past the ditches... Those are on my Dodge vehicles...
  10. papaD

    How to use Remote Rev in 2024 Mustang S650 & a Key History Lesson

    My grandson will LOVE it! LOL However, I would gladly give it up to have a heads up display HUD... just sayin'
  11. papaD

    Post your scheduled production build dates here!

    Dealer sent me pic of VIN and build date. Looks like it will be built May 22nd See signature of build details... Not sure what the rest of the order details mean, but looks like it will be Delivered week of May 29th. But assume that just means out the door to the holding area then needs to...
  12. papaD

    Dark Horse Convertible?

  13. papaD


    I like it! or even PD2MUCH Actually, I think I might get that one...
  14. papaD


    Your daughter will love this one... LIL PONY Jus sayin'
  15. papaD

    2024 Mustang No Scheduling this Week 4/6. May Production Schedule is Full

    From what I have seen in the past, even if build date is mid May, it will be at your dealership 4-6 weeks after that (after June!) if you are lucky...
  16. papaD

    2024+ Mustang S650 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    ...and very expensive to add later Drain coolant, pull frost plug, install block heater, refill. Lots of labour, and a messy job!
  17. papaD

    2024+ Mustang S650 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Good choice! Keep in mind, with the active exhaust you now get 486 HP instead of the standard 480 HP
  18. papaD

    If I ordered an Atlas Blue car with 401A with black interior what color do you think the accent stitching will be?

    I believe that is the INDIGO BLUE only available on the Dark Horse models... however, until the website is totally updated, no one knows for sure!
  19. papaD

    Should I order the brembro brake package on my '24 GT?

    have them on the wife's Challenger 392. Her last 2015 Challenger RT had regular brakes. She noticed the difference on how easy it is to stop compared the the other car (and she is a light-weight!) even in a panic situation, you never have to press hard. it was a no-brainer for me... yes...
  20. papaD

    Wonder why Ford didn't develop all-new Mustang?

    Not better for the environment, but definitely better for their bank account!