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Search results

  1. Just got this email from Ford

    Update: got the email today ordered 3/28
  2. Just got this email from Ford

    Yeah havent gotten that email either, but did get the first one. Also ford told me the email with my irder is correct
  3. 2024 Dark Horse on display at dealer "For Sale" (Blue Ember)

    On that website from that dealership if you scroll down it says this “All new 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse just visiting from Flat Rock until May 12th at 11:00am. Car is just for display” Looks like its just for display for people to see it in person
  4. 2024 Mustang Clean Up Scheduling This Week (5/4/23) for June Production Weeks

    Well the fact that ford stopped production this week and next week due to quality issues on door panels and V-8 valve issues could explain a lot. They are pushing back everything to get everything right so there are less recalls. Pro and a con.
  5. Dark Horse Appearance and handling not available this year?

    Weird! The dealer i went do got 15 allocations all at msrp!!