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  1. 2024 Mustang EcoBoost looking great in Oxford White

    Can marketing take some photos of the interior with the sun low in the sky and directly behind them?
  2. Hands-on reviews: digital gauge cluster, display screens, SYNC 4 -- which media are calling impressive

    I would prefer the auxiliary gauges look like actual gauges with a needle pointer on the dial.
  3. What’s your 1 best and 1 worst feature of the S650 Mustang?

    I have warmed up considerably to the S650 since the reveal. Admittedly, my first impression of the instrument panel was negative. I could not accept the symmetrical twin cowl styling cues being gone. My first reaction was it would be a dealbreaker, but I do see the advantage of it not being...
  4. Ezra Dyer: Mustang Is a Vibe.... It's an Attitude, Not a Format.

    This is a Vibe. Seriously, though, the traditional Mustang proportions with long hood is to fit a big ICE in the front. I'm not sure how to justify that design carrying into a BEV. Does all that hood just become trunk space underneath, or extra battery space?
  5. Base Model/Standard Interior

    They phoned it in.
  6. Do you like the new rear lights on S650 Mustang?

    I hate that distorted wavy ridge in the Mach-E taillights. It's just awful to look at. Please leave that off the coupe.
  7. The new dashboard is a big mistake IMO

    Not disparaging, just constructive criticism. As others have posted, many vehicles have digital dash panels that are integrated extremely well. So, it can be done. I meant in terms of speeding, but it can also apply to going excessively slow, I suppose. To my point, Ford tries to fix their...
  8. The new dashboard is a big mistake IMO

    I prefer tactile switches even on newer cars, but that classic interior looks seriously devoid of switchgear compared to more recent vehicle interiors. The HVAC settings limited to the touch panel will be less of an issue with the availability of automatic climate controls.
  9. The new dashboard is a big mistake IMO

    I do not like the look of the exposed tablets either. It appears not as much effort was put into designing the interior. It seems the trend now is to equip all vehicles with a two-dimensional digital instrumentation display. I wonder how bad are they for dealing with light glare and...
  10. Good news for Mustang via Jim Farley: ICE business will focus around Bronco & Mustang

    The heat generated by a combustion engine is a blessing in the winter.
  11. First Video! S650 Mustang GT prototype looks & sounds in motion

    What if it's all electric and the exhaust sounds are faked by external speakers? :frown:
  12. Rumor: S650 Mustang 4-Door Sedan Will Debut in 2022 with 3 Engine Options

    Many people say they want or need 4-doors but hardly ever do I see any passengers in the rear seats, not even kids. I dislike 4-door vehicles because the door openings are smaller and the B-pillar is too forward and obstructs the view over my shoulder. There are also more pieces to break such...