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Search results

  1. Australia Order Banks

    I was told it would be Q1 back when I put a deposit down in September….. I messaged them today and have heard nothing. There is not even any leaks or spy shots of euro versions really getting around…. The wait is killing me, as I originally cancelled my s550 order from April last year and...
  2. Sneak peek at S650 Mustang RTR for ThatDudeInBlue and you!

    the 550 looks better so far :crying:
  3. // RTR S650 Mustang Sneak Peek 👀 with Adam LZ

    A few breadcrumbs…….
  4. Are there any news on the EU Mustang?

    Not sure if this is an old picture, but looks to be an export spec with clear tailights?
  5. Interior for right hand drive markets - PLEASE!

    While I agree, I’d just be happy to have any Australian info/specs/pricing etc. surely it’s not that difficult 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Will 2024 Mustang color be Grabber Blue or Grabber Blue Metallic?

    Every picture and bit of information I’ve seen has been metallic on the 650.
  7. Are there any news on the EU Mustang?

    I’m keen to hear some details/pricing on the Australian offer. I don’t expect the car til later in the year but would be handy to know some details!
  8. Photoshop request!

    No stress mate 😎 thanks anyway
  9. Photoshop request!

    Hey mac, did you get a chance to have a look at this yet? Only chasing the grabber version now 😎
  10. New custom wheels (Fondmetal) for our 24" GT

    How do you know the fitment is going to be right? Obviously the basics will be similar to the s550 but how would we k ow to be able to get a flush fitment?
  11. // RTR S650 Mustang Sneak Peek 👀 with Adam LZ

    Just rip the cover off! Since I’m not getting a dark horse anymore I need something to look forward to with the GT. That bottom splitter looks awesome. how Much longer do we have to wait? 🫠
  12. // RTR S650 Mustang Sneak Peek 👀 with Adam LZ

    on its way to 2weeks, anything to show? Beyond keen…..
  13. Photoshop request!

    🤣🤣 sorry I meant one grabber and a separate one in white.
  14. Photoshop request!

    hey Mac, any chance you can do a white & Grabber blue GT with some black velgen classic 5 v2? Maybe a bit of a drop also 👍