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  1. S650 vs S550 real life side by side comparison look (rear view)

    I think they did what they could with the current market situation, coupled with financial and stock difficulties over recent years. they aren’t ready to go all electric/hydrogen, etc. on the most important enthusiast car they have, so they took what was working and made it better instead of...
  2. S650 vs S550 real life side by side comparison look (rear view)

    incorrect. It shows just how much the Camaro looks like the mustang. the Camaro looked like the s550 as well amd tgat was because, outside of the late 70s through Nineties, the camaro has always tried to copy the mustang since it’s inception. long hood, short deck, broad shoulders and...
  3. S650 vs S550 real life side by side comparison look (rear view)

    it’s probably the worst angle possible for s650. S550 would look pretty bad at that angle as well.
  4. Ford Mustang - Mid-Engine - Discussion

    Honestly, not only is it a great idea, I can see it happening. The performance benefits are too great to leave on the table, especially if they don;t want to go AWD. It just won’t happen in the 7th gen. the only issue may be getting a 2+2 to work with that design. Perhaps it will change and...
  5. S650 Rear Styling Debate

    LOL You miss the point. SUVs are the big seller now, right? Of course! So everyone is selling SUVs. (People are conveniently forgetting explorer, edge, escape, bronco, etc.) but what they aren’t doing is pretending that a new SUV is somehow, actually, magically, really a famous sports car that...
  6. Spotted: Shelby S650 Mustang!

    In any case, hopefully we are getting ahead of ourselves and Shelby has already made some big moves. Interested to see what this car turns out to be.
  7. Spotted: Shelby S650 Mustang!

    he would definitely have liked it. Basically a better modern cobra ethos. But I do think hee have built it around a turbo 8 cylinder. Not for patriotism, but because he liked to maximize potential. when it came to engine advancements and playing with bodywork, suspension, and even praising...
  8. Spotted: Shelby S650 Mustang!

    I think I posted this same thought 5 years ago or something like that. I really do wish Shelby would embrace new things. such a legendary company. Would love to see them act like s startup again and do exactly as you suggest. It doesn’t matter if the industry goes electric, hydrogen, gas, or a...
  9. Spotted: Shelby S650 Mustang!

    Thanks. Thought that was a near-reveal of the Shelby. Hope they go all-in on make a great aesthetic as well as engine and suspension improvements.
  10. Spotted: Shelby S650 Mustang!

    I’d agree, but only if they can find a way to give the thing some torque where it counts. Because a forced induction v8 is an absolute thrill ride in comparison to what we’ve had NA thus far.
  11. Spotted: Shelby S650 Mustang!

    Looks like it’s borrowing from the dark horse front end. Pass
  12. All Black DARK HORSE Mustang (Shadow Black). Batmobile 🦇

    They need to change the matte features entirely. Not just in texture, but geometry as well. Can’t wait for a refresh. Thankfully, it looks designed to be refreshed easily. Change the grille and fascia and the car will look much better for it.
  13. // RTR S650 Mustang Sneak Peek 👀 with Adam LZ

    Can someone add “RTR” to the title please? I think some members have no idea what’s in this post yet. I didn’t until I took a chance and clicked the link. Great stuff.
  14. Base Interior Spied Up Close for the First Time.

    I think the dual screens actually look REALLY good. That said, I prefer the screens in a single housing such as on the GT. I THINK THE DUAL SCREENS ARE THE SAME ON THE BASE and the GT. BUT THE GT uses a singular housing to contain both screens to fool you into thinking it’s one big screen...
  15. Carbon Fiber Wheels on Dark Horse Mustang – First Look!

    regular twill weave? Just like gt500. Interesting. Not the strongest, but good enough I guess and great looking pattern.
  16. For those upset with the new design… at least it doesn't look like new BMW M2

    Looks WAAAAY better than that horror story bmw. continue to enjoy. Car is on point. Great wheels and stance to set it off.
  17. Ford Performance teasing something.. Mustang Dark Horse S ?

    Nasty. Looks like an oversized ricer fiesta.
  18. Ford Performance teasing something.. Mustang Dark Horse S ?

    If it’s not street legal, don’t really care.
  19. S650 Mustang RTR // Design Sketch

    Looks great in the sketch. Would love to see a new lighting treatment and forgoing the nostril lights. would be awesome to see another spoiler option that appeals the he modern design set. Love the rocker panel treatment.
  20. For those upset with the new design… at least it doesn't look like new BMW M2

    The m2 is just plain fugly. Something really wrong happened at bmw design in the last couple of years. They hired some people who are stuck in the 70s and can’t escape. The m2 looks like the old m2 married to bmws newly revealed design vision, which is a horrendous backward step, sadly. For a...