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  1. What are your thoughts on the interior of the S650? Specifically the screens

    Overall like the interior. Screen layout = like Execution = don't like Integrate it into the dash and add bezels. Make it look like it flows and belongs. Hope for a MCU I guess.
  2. ⚠️ LEAKED S650 Mustang Images & Rumored Specs!! [New Shots & Engine Image Added]

    Highlighted the exhaust because its in the selection screen for Active Exhaust. Notice though, that its part of the building PROFILES (as in multiple). Hopefully its more granular MyMode than the current offering. It looks like it is.
  3. New Mustang Pony badge shown in another S650 teaser

    Hasn't been a 4.9xxL rounding up since Gen3 is actually 5.035L
  4. StangMode Has Seen S650 - Under Embargo for 24hrs.

    He may be really nice, and an enthusiast but that doesn't change the game he's playing. He isn't the only one. The system itself is setup for the trash it produces and the people strung on to watch it. If someone wants to get paid for doing it as a 'job' then they have to drum up enough...
  5. What will it take to save the V8 Mustang?

    Said it before, start worrying when the V8 is NOT in the F-150. The amount of V8s in the Mustang VS the F-150 is a drop in the bucket overall. It's an easier sell when you can spread everything across the 2 vehicles and a solid reason why you won't see a different sized V8 in F-150 and the GT.
  6. 6/1/22 unveil for S650 Mustang or something else?

    Come on, they'd just call it a Shelb-E I'll show myself out.
  7. Mustang s650 posing in Ford Lightning ad?!

    Don't use this as your argument. It's the F-150 having the V8 that makes it easier and justified for the Mustangs to have the mass produced V8 in the GT. Mach-E has nothing to do with it, all things considered, wasn't meant to be a "Mustang" day one regardless what the company line is. While...
  8. The V8 - S650 and beyond

    Ford knows the V8 is at the heart of the Mustang. There is a soul in the sound/feel that cannot be had in other engine configurations or electrification no matter how much more efficient or fast they are. It remains to be seen if it becomes more of a specialty engine in a lower volume form. If...
  9. S650 Mustang GT Full Frontal Leak!! 📸

    Guarantees about as accurate as fortune cookie. :giggle:
  10. S650 Mustang INTERIOR First Look Spyshots! + More Exterior Shots

    I think you guys are reaching for the double brow. Look at the animated layout on the screen. The brow over the driver gauges extend over to the middle screen and down just after the 2nd vent. It allows the screens to stay recessed and out of direct sunlight. They moved the vents downward to...
  11. S650 Mustang INTERIOR First Look Spyshots! + More Exterior Shots

    Wasn't MagRide setting on the 350 a Shock icon. This looks more like the exhaust icon from the 350 that was a toggle. I think its more a status on the screen showing what mode you are in. In this case 'MyMode' with Active Exhaust icon.
  12. S650 Mustang INTERIOR First Look Spyshots! + More Exterior Shots

    -Mode is moved from the toggles to the left side of the wheel and has Up/Down functionality. (FINALLY) -Steering is moved from toggle to the right side of the wheel -Pony is moved from the wheel to the toggles -Moving 99.9% of HVAC to the screen is not winning me any votes -Digital screens are a...
  13. Didn't see this posted if it is please delete...Stangmode on the 2023 S650 Mustang

    If he's friends with anyone on that team (or 2nd/3rd hand Ford connections)and knows anything real about the car, you can bet he will not post anything online about it or acknowledge it. That is if they even told him anything at all. So in order to keep up views on his channel, he'll post and...
  14. S650 Mustang design / styling first-hand description 🕵🏻‍♂️

    Keep in mind they are a Canadian dealer. Our take rates on the available packages and how many cars make up the Canadian market are drastically different.
  15. S650 Mustang design / styling first-hand description 🕵🏻‍♂️

    I hear ya. Things look so different and flat in 2D whether it be a drawing, CAD, or photo, compared to 3D in the metal/flesh. I remember seeing previous vehicles and being slightly underwhelmed or even disappointed until seeing things in person and in different paint colors where the lightbulb...
  16. S650 is out there somewhere, isn't she?

    Exactly, gotta be careful. I'd bet they are on the warpath after the last how many years of leaked shots. Especially careful with anything Mustang related. Not going to say the other party's name. Liable to show up like uttering Beetlejuice... :)
  17. S650 is out there somewhere, isn't she?

    I'll take a breadcrumb of a possible truth over some wannabe who show up like a bad rash every time a new model is about to come out and spit 50 lines of random BS claiming to be true. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. People like their jobs. People who know people who like their...
  18. Rendering: 2023 Mustang (based on Ford Evos)

    Good starting point from the concept, but not aggressive and way tame by comparison to what we will see, I'm sure of it. Based on what we can see in the design language moving forward you can see based on the concept, the 'Progressive Energy in Strength' Sculpture, and the spy shots of other...
  19. S650 2023 Mustang Chief Engineer / Program Director is Michael Celetino

    It's not Kool-Aid, it's called understanding and being realistic. Having a single purpose platform for a mass production car trying to hit a dollar target,range of customers, performance goals, and ever moving government safety standards is not economically feasible in any way. This car has to...
  20. S650 2023 Mustang Chief Engineer / Program Director is Michael Celetino

    Guess we should have stayed with the Fox platform since it was smaller and lighter right? CD6 is a flexible platform that was designed for scale for both mid/full sized cars and SUVs, so lets not blow a gasket on it and pretend its something its not.