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Search results

  1. What S650 Color Scheme(s) are you considering?

    Rapid Red looks nice but I'm still waiting for pics of GT in Race Red. Am also a fan of Yellow splash and atlas/grabber blue. Bronze accent also a thumbs up. I can't wait for an online configurator!
  2. Small details for the S650 Mustang via monthly Ford Europe Report

    Thanks for sharing. Will be interesting to see how much the EU model will differ from the US one in terms of performance and sound.
  3. Red & Black Stripes Spied on Carbonized Gray 2024 Mustang GT w/Bronze Appearance Package

    I must say that the plastic trim fits really nicely with this color. The straps are okay aside from the horizontal red lines which seem a bit weird to me.
  4. Will s650 seats sit lower?

    What does "driver entry" even mean and how do you "optimize" it without changing the door or roofline... sounds like marketing hype to emphasis track use. We'll know for sure when we can compare s550 s650 side by side.
  5. Will s650 seats sit lower?

    I hope they didn't raise the roof.
  6. REVan Interviews Ed Krenz, Mustang lead engineer, about 2024 Dark Horse Mustang

    Wasn't it previously reported that the 24 EcoBoost motor is "all-new" yet this article is saying that its "carryover" 🤔
  7. Official VAPOR BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    Looks more like grey than blue if you ask me 😁
  8. Shadow Black Dark Horse and Grabber Blue Mustang GT S650 spotted at Flat Rock Assembly Plant

    I think they're too similar for anyone familiar with mustangs to go nuts about.
  9. Silver 2024 Mustang GT S650 spotted

    "I personally hate it." wrote the instagram post. Makes me sad that it seems most other people are not liking it:sadface: Hopefully the perception will get better in time.
  10. Yellow Splash S650 Mustang on the road!

    Not sure how I feel about that (huge) grey plastic rear bumper.
  11. What's your favourite S650 photo so far?

    First post! I must say, this photo really leans me into the 7g design.