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  1. MustangMac67

    2024 Mustang GT on display this weekend at Daytona Rolex 24 Hours Race

    How do the quality and materials look compared to the s550, even though it is pre-production. The s550 is nice, but I think it could be better in some areas.
  2. MustangMac67

    Thoughts and Expecations on Mustang S650 - Technology and Performance

    I think that it des not really matter which one. I rented a 2019 gt convertible with the 255 tires in socal. It handled beautifully, even on an off ramp in the rain. I think it depends on what is classified as good handling. A gt pp could beat a cobra r because of it being more modern and having...
  3. MustangMac67

    S650 on Social Media

  4. MustangMac67

    Thoughts and Expecations on Mustang S650 - Technology and Performance

    Someone turn on the AC, it is getting hot in here!
  5. MustangMac67

    Official SHADOW BLACK Mustang S650 Thread

    Still doesn't look like a camaro
  6. MustangMac67

    Official VAPOR BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    The last picture shows how good the side profile looks with the coke bottle contouring.
  7. MustangMac67

    Single exhaust tip standard on S650 GT

    Exactly, they could also be doing this to keep costs lower. Without all the active exhaust tech, it is more cost effective. Also think lighter weight, even if it is just a few pounds.
  8. MustangMac67

    Update: First All-New 2024 Ford Mustang GT S650 Auctioned For $490K

    Roughly 10x the price of a new GT. Wow!
  9. MustangMac67

    S650 on Social Media

  10. MustangMac67

    Mustang Hybrid PowerBoost?

    Ford trademarked Thunderbird a while ago. Maybe...
  11. MustangMac67

    S650 on Social Media

    Looks like the one at Rolex 24
  12. MustangMac67

    S650 on Social Media

  13. MustangMac67

    7G S650 GT350 ?

    The coyote is not boring. It may look boring compared to the voodoo, but it is not boring
  14. MustangMac67

    Is 486hp enough?? Let’s discuss

    Like you said, it is special if we exclude forced induction. NA is the swan song
  15. MustangMac67

    Will you be ordering a manual or auto?

    That's a 3.7 to sixty right there.
  16. MustangMac67

    "This Is Your Wake-up Call" Email Received This Morning

    As first order of business, I call to attention the atrocities committed by youtubers who do not know what they are saying.