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  1. Schwerin

    7G S650 GT350 ?

    I never asked what made it special. I asked what made it "way above". You proved it isnt.
  2. Schwerin

    7G S650 GT350 ?

    A parts bin special that is on par with a "boutique car" where it counts. So... congrats? Your Unique car is now on par with a parts bin car...thats probably also more reliable. What? If a DH beats you at the track you're gonna say "well ya know.. I got cool fenders....." LMFAO Also, you cant...
  3. Schwerin

    7G S650 GT350 ?

    I miss ripping around in high(for the time) RPM 4 bangers. Were they FAST? no but that wasn't the point you still got a great feeling from it. Its part of why BRZ and Miata are such great cars.
  4. Schwerin

    7G S650 GT350 ?

    "way above" in what way? If the GT350, Mach1, and DH cars are basically drivers races on track for the same price, then other than "a cool sound" and less reliability with higher repair costs? I'm not gonna pay a markup for a car that "sounds cooler" when there is 0 tangible benefit. Also there...
  5. Schwerin

    Would anyone like to see Ford use the 7.3L Godziila V8 in a Mustang, resurrecting the Boss 429?

    Bro, we almost had an electric SUV called a MACH1, bottoms been hit years ago. The displacement is all that matters for 90% of people that would buy the car anyway. Not like the current Hemi has any Nascar links wither, I'm honestly amazed people even still watch nascar so I couldn't give 2...
  6. Schwerin

    Hmmm…wonder how this will play out?

    I'd go for Dark Horse Comics having it before her.
  7. Schwerin

    First S650 2024 Ford Mustang Diecast! 1/18 Dark Horse in Carbonized Gray

    I wouldn't say its Fragile at all its just as well made as my AutoArt 2003 Mach1. I wouldn't want to drop it though, suckers got weight and would likely break at least a wheel off or a window and maybe dent a tile/wood floor. If someone broke into my house it would REALLY hurt if I hit them in...
  8. Schwerin

    First S650 2024 Ford Mustang Diecast! 1/18 Dark Horse in Carbonized Gray

    I have the GT Spirit Bullitt. Pricy but really I cant complain about the quality.
  9. Schwerin

    Official RACE RED Mustang S650 Thread

    i know its a bad shop but just removing that black bar and cleaning the front up more like THIS would make the new front like 70% nicer to me.
  10. Schwerin

    S650 Rear Styling Debate

    The rear is fine, its the front that IMO is a complete mess.
  11. Schwerin

    S650's direct competition?

    With the Camaro dying and the Challenger going electric what's the direct competitor to the GT or DarkHorse now? Pricing its maybe the GR Supra and Nizan Z, but both of those are lower on power. Even though Aftermarket can bring them to similar levels easily. They feel more like adjacent...
  12. Schwerin

    First 2024 Mustang GT S650 (VIN 001) will be auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson on January 28

    #1's usually go to auctions for charity so not amazed to much. More surprised its not a Dark Horse though.
  13. Schwerin

    Race Red Ecoboost spotted

    The more I see that big black strip on the bottom of the grill the more I feel like nothing will look good on this car that's not black. It just looks stupid to me. Why is it even there? It would look so much better with MORE color there. But then they REMOVED the black from between the tail...
  14. Schwerin

    Will there be a S650 PP2?

    The Dark Horse is already identical to the Mach1 from the S550. So, we already ARE seeing performance models "like" it.
  15. Schwerin

    Official SHADOW BLACK Mustang S650 Thread

    I feel like with how much is going on upfront that Black is the ONLY color this thing looks good in. Any other color looks like a freaking hot mess unless you get an EcoBoost. I predict aftermarket making lots of alternative grills in body colors to clean it up.
  16. Schwerin

    Styling? Whats happening?

    I still feel like they only didn't use the KL-ZE because V8 guys would hate their 5.0 and 4.6 only making like 15hp more than a 2.5L v6 in a car that was much lighter than a Mustang and wasn't an SVT Product. Their own V6 was barely making 200HP at the time and was 50% bigger. Also kinda feel...
  17. Schwerin

    Styling? Whats happening?

    And Mazdaspeed Protege.
  18. Schwerin

    S650 Mustang vs S550 Mustang side-by-side comparison pics thread

    Likely ride height regulations. Its why the 2001 Bullitt and 2003 Mach1 are different heights. Regulations changed between their release, and the Mach1's front lip makes it easier to hit things then the Bullitt that had no lip. Take the extended lip off the DH and its bottom lip is PROBABLY...
  19. Schwerin

    Styling? Whats happening?

    I actually like it MASSIVELY better than the new Mustang. Looks like a Supra banged a Nissan Z though.
  20. Schwerin

    Styling? Whats happening?

    I actually think the EcoBoost the best looking this generation.