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  1. Cobra Jet

    Mustang EV Coupe Concept Thread

    ^^^^^ That is the ONLY Mustang EV I would entertain - and it would have to be built exactly like it for street use. :devil: https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2020/04/23/ford-performance-introduces-all-electric-mustang-cobra-jet-1400.html 1400HP and the Iconic Mustang...
  2. Cobra Jet

    Yellow Splash 2024 Mustang GT Caught Testing

    Mama Mia ... look at the gaps and misalignment of the trunk lid area... Otherwise cool color - does anyone know if it has metal flake in it or is it just a single stage paint? 😒
  3. Cobra Jet

    2024 Mustang GT (S650) Spied in White with Bronze Appearance Package

    Geesh - why is that 5.0 emblem so high up on the fender... bring it down some Design Team! And the rear end being all body color on any of the S650's . . . it just looks out of place... they should have left the black between the tails to break it up some... but I guess vinyl wraps, paint or...
  4. Cobra Jet

    Are you happy they switched to a steel oil pan?

    Is this where the "history repeats itself" comes in - or the "I told ya so" when everyone was having problems with the composite pan drain plugs and the gaskets not staying sealed? A metal pan will always be best for the following reasons: - Torquing of fasteners - gasket sealing - metal drain...
  5. Cobra Jet

    Mustang Chief Engineer Confirms Locked ECU, making S650 tune more difficult

    You may have folks who might be able to "crack" the code to get their grubby little hands into the PCM to try tweaking it - but from what is stated right from the article: Even IF the PCM is cracked - the above makes it clear that other modules down the line will shut down based on the...
  6. Cobra Jet

    The new dashboard is a big mistake IMO

    I think I found where the Ford designers copied a previous dashboard design for the S650…. Looks pretty damn close…. LOL. 😆
  7. Cobra Jet

    Ford Mustang S650 - 60 years edition

    Agreed with frequency ... they've been doing the "anniversary" editions for quite some time, 20yr, 25yr, 30th, 40th etc... While an every "5-year" isn't really a major milestone, I guess it means something in Horse Years.... 😆
  8. Cobra Jet

    The new dashboard is a big mistake IMO

    I agree with @shogun32 - the new S650 dash is hideous at best - and I've been saying it since the "leaked" images many months ago. As I posted previously in this thread, all the audiophiles are up shits creek trying to do an aftermarket system now - there's no way to "separate" the pieces to...
  9. Cobra Jet

    Does the S650 Coyote still have the IMRC system?

    Did Ford finally do away with that IMRC system on the Coyote for the S650's - or if retained, have they at least re-engineered it so the damn thing doesn't prematurely break or fail? That IMRC setup has been problematic since initially implemented on the Lincoln MKVIII 4.6 DOHC, which was...
  10. Cobra Jet

    That dual-intake…

    Which would also mean the need for the proper PCM, since NO S550 can be "Forscanned" for a dual MAF setup, since it didn't exist in the original PCM logic.
  11. Cobra Jet

    The new dashboard is a big mistake IMO

    As for the rear seating area - the rear 1/4 plastics are different as well as the rear deck and rear seat belt retractor pods. Upholstery design looks a little different but not much and seat swaps will probably still work. Can't tell if the trans tunnel/floor pans are elevated (more shallow)...
  12. Cobra Jet

    The new dashboard is a big mistake IMO

    Aside from what's already been mentioned about the hideous dash layout --- I'm even wondering how that hideous dash will affect the stereo aficionados too - because you can't just pull module A, B, C and/or display, it's now all integrated into that hideous dash cluster... have fun!
  13. Cobra Jet

    SO, is the S650 PCM locked or not?

    Aftermarket or not, you know if that PCM is somehow “cracked, hacked or unlocked” via Forscan or other means - Ford WILL have a way of knowing via software code and WILL most likely void any warranty work. That’s the intent going forward, to lock consumers out of manipulating/changing parameters...
  14. Cobra Jet

    ⚠️ LEAKED S650 Mustang Images & Rumored Specs!! [New Shots & Engine Image Added]

    Now THAT is hilarious.... not only do S650 owners get a truck-like interior but a "Kia" inspired dash... :devil:
  15. Cobra Jet

    ⚠️ LEAKED S650 Mustang Images & Rumored Specs!! [New Shots & Engine Image Added]

    No resemblance? The Ford Designers must have had consulting sessions with GM and Dodge, because there's NO originality in the new S650 that has now been fattened up and stripped of styling cues - they need a new badge now, the Moostang.... You tell me how drivers are going to keep their...
  16. Cobra Jet

    7th Gen, S650 live event reveal photos

    LMFAO.... like I said...that cabin interior is hellish... It's the worst design concept for the new Mustang. The S550 kept the "traditional" interior where it was actually "sporty" AND functional... That S650 interior is a joke, it's a distraction and it's all clunky... It doesn't mesh at...
  17. Cobra Jet

    ⚠️ LEAKED S650 Mustang Images & Rumored Specs!! [New Shots & Engine Image Added]

    Everyone's yawing over the photos of the revealed but yet unrevealed Moostang - but I've seen no one mention anything about being happy that the PCM will be "locked"...
  18. Cobra Jet

    ⚠️ LEAKED S650 Mustang Images & Rumored Specs!! [New Shots & Engine Image Added]

    LOL... oh my... TOLD YA SO... so what's the big "reveal"? I said it from the start --- been saying it --- what we saw in the prior "leaked" images many months ago was what it would be - and that inteior is a freaking SUV-Broncoish cross over mess.... it's all squared off like a damn truck...
  19. Cobra Jet

    Start Button revealed from S650 Mustang

    That’s a hideous start button…and the new center stack toggle layout and the USB ports below it looks horrible as well. I think there’s going to be a few let downs on this big “reveal”…. There’s going to be so much hype to draw in a crowd, and Ford is going to burst everyone’s bubble once that...
  20. Cobra Jet

    Ford is jumping the shark if they do this...

    Ford already jumped the shark, I guess no one saw this yet.... Putting the Twister nomenclature, color, and logos onto the MockEry is blasphemy.... Ford Revives Iconic Twister Livery With Mustang Mach-E Special Edition...