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  1. MustangMac67

    S650 Mustang Horsepower (450hp) Revealed In Window Sticker? 🙄

    https://fordauthority.com/2022/11/2024-ford-mustang-gt-window-sticker-shows-horsepower-rating/ An article by ford authority shows a window sticker saying 450 hp. Just saying but I do not believe this at all.
  2. MustangMac67

    Poll- Do you like the new interior?

    Please vote if you are willing to share your opinion.
  3. MustangMac67

    2026 GT500 Mustang S650 rendered by Motor Trend

  4. MustangMac67

    Next gen Mustang GT350 Rendered (Updated)

    I based this on the white dark horse. Gives it a more aggressive but a better overall look.