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  1. Twin Turbo

    Official GRABBER BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    😍 😍 😍 😍
  2. Twin Turbo

    S650 GT Performance Pack in Iconic Silver spotted

    Looks good in Iconic Silver.......although the stripes, I'm not so sure on. https://fordauthority.com/2022/11/2024-ford-mustang-gt-performance-pack-live-photo-gallery/
  3. Twin Turbo

    Project 6GR aftermarket wheels preview for S650 Mustang

    10 spoke for me :) https://project6gr.com/the-all-new-2024-s650-ford-mustang-gt-dark-horse-featuring-project-6gr-wheels-fitment-availability/
  4. Twin Turbo

    Grabber Blue S650 Mustang GT spotted (video)!

    😍 Screenshots:
  5. Twin Turbo

    Abimelec Design - Widebody Dark Horse Mustang

    The widebody is a bit OTT for me, but........I love the color, I really like the integrated ducktail spoiler and it looks better with black under the headlamps rather than grey (although I'd still prefer body colored). :)
  6. Twin Turbo

    Just cause.....

  7. Twin Turbo

    Yellow Splash S650 Mustang on the road!

  8. Twin Turbo

    GT500 by Zephyr Designz

  9. Twin Turbo

    3D modeling of S650 Mustang GT, Dark Horse, EcoBoost

    Searching for S650 images, as I do, I came across these last night. Incredible how it lets you take a 360 degree tour. I'm sure this is old news to Chazcron and Ace, but I was very impressed! GT: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/ford-mustang-gt-2023-85a19eef88c34940a706e7f0538255af Update...
  10. Twin Turbo

    S650 - The designers speak

  11. Twin Turbo

    Photoshop request!

    Would one of you clever people make this Grabber Blue with black wheels? I'd be very grateful :)
  12. Twin Turbo

    So, S650 is a coupe again!

    When S550 was launched, Ford brought back the Fastback name. I believe I'm right in saying this was the first time since '68 as Ford have used various names for the "hard top" Mustang through the generations 65-68 = Fastback 69-73 = Sportsroof 74-78 = Hatchback or Saloon 79-93 = Hatchback or...
  13. Twin Turbo

    There's a new pony in town

  14. Twin Turbo

    What's your favourite S650 photo so far?

    With all due respect, I've never really been a fan of Ford's press photos. From the launch of S550, only one photo blew me away.......this one! I wish there was an equivalent S650 shot from this angle! The only official Ford S650 photos that I think do justice to the design are both Dark...
  15. Twin Turbo

    Saleen & S650

    No.......not an early look at what a Saleen S650 might look like, but I thought this was a cool photo of Steve Saleen checking out the convertible. And it looks great in this shot! :)