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  1. ihc95

    Silver 2024 Mustang GT S650 spotted

    Side profile is looking good, but that rear end just looks goofy to me. Especially with the tiny dual exhaust with the big dirty diaper diffuser. I guess the dual exhausts are just a prototype thing and all production GTs have quad exhaust. At least I hope so.
  2. ihc95

    Gen 4 Coyote 5.0L V8 Specs & Photos (S650 Mustang)

    Personally I think Nissan had better implementation of the dual intake concept with the throttle bodies on opposite sides of the intake manifold on the VQ HR engines. This way the incoming air from each intake doesn't get disturbed by the other, like it might with the Gen 4 Coyote design. I'm...
  3. ihc95

    🏴‍☠️ Mustang Dark Horse S and Dark Horse R Revealed!

    I love everything about the Dark Horse, except the dumb name. This is the one to have folks. 500+ hp NA Coyote with the Tremec or A10. The front end is sooo much better than the GT, just not too sure about the black trim below the headlights. I'm still not a fan of the rear end but the diffuser...
  4. ihc95

    Are you gonna trade your current mustang in when the s650 comes out?

    The S650 would need to be a hell of an upgrade for me to consider it. To be honest, I'm a car enthusiast that loves all types of cars. If I were to spend big money on another performance car, I would want to try something different, maybe a Porsche or a C8...
  5. ihc95

    Mustang Hybrid (S650) Announced, Debuts in 2020

    No. Maybe for a special edition high power Mustang in the future, but damn that would be an expensive car...