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  1. BrianJ77

    Dark Horse Mustang Spotted in Public w/ Production Spec Interior!

    Wow! That is a sexy beast! Ready to put my order in now! C'mon, Ford...open the order banks!
  2. BrianJ77


    Makes sense why you would want RHD if it holds value better. The British pound has frequently had better value than the US dollar, so I can see why you want to avoid the exchange rate...and then there's the taxes you mentioned. That alone would make me wanna cry! Good luck with your purchase...
  3. BrianJ77


    Do you have to have right hand drive? Otherwise it might be worth your time and money to just order a left hand drive one from the UK, come pick it up in the states, and ship that joker to England. You'd probably get one of the first S650s in the country that way. Of course there's the...
  4. BrianJ77


    Totally gonna be my family at the upcoming Auto Show in Greenville, SC. I'm going just to see the Mustang, and I intend to spend a LOT of time there.
  5. BrianJ77

    What Color Will Your S650 Be?

    Dark Horse with appearance package, ember blue exterior with the indigo seats and blue interior stitching.
  6. BrianJ77

    Shadow Black Dark Horse and Grabber Blue Mustang GT S650 spotted at Flat Rock Assembly Plant

    So there were some pics of the rear end on another thread and I wasn't sure about the rear grey plastic bumper, but then I see these pics and it looks great to me again. I just wonder if body color matching the plastic bumpers would clean it up a little, or would it look awkward?
  7. BrianJ77

    Silver 2024 Mustang GT S650 spotted

    I thought the S650 GT had quad exhaust tips like the S550 GT, so I thought the same thing that it was not a GT.
  8. BrianJ77

    Are you happy they switched to a steel oil pan?

    I guess I'm just too old school. I like a steel pan. I don't have some fancy educated reason. It just gives me a warm fuzzy. Mmmmmm.....steel!
  9. BrianJ77

    2024 Mustang Dark Horse Sounds as Good as it Looks. Turn Your Volume Way Up 🔊

    I wasn't trying to upset you. I respect your decision not to like the design. We are on this site because we both are fans of the Ford Mustang. That's enough to bring us together on common ground.
  10. BrianJ77

    EcoBoost EGR System info from S650 Mustang chief engineer

    I posted that tongue in cheek. It was meant to be a joke...sort of.
  11. BrianJ77

    2024 Mustang Dark Horse Sounds as Good as it Looks. Turn Your Volume Way Up 🔊

    I'm glad they're posting these sound bites so other drivers will know what just passed them. I think the 24 Mustang Dark Horse is sexy. I guess haters gonna hate.
  12. BrianJ77

    Thoughts on the Dark Horse Name

    When I initially heard the name "Dark Horse" I wasn't sure if I liked it, but after seeing the car I don't think I can imagine any other name. I love the logo, and this is really just an extension of the legendary Boss and Mach 1 names. We just love Boss and Mach 1 because it reminds us of some...
  13. BrianJ77

    EcoBoost EGR System info from S650 Mustang chief engineer

    So we are stuck with EGR once again? I swear the EPA ruins everything!
  14. BrianJ77

    EcoBoost EGR System info from S650 Mustang chief engineer

    I was under the impression that VVT had eliminated the need for traditional EGR valves. If I am correct the 4.6L 3-valve Triton in my '10 F150 does not use an EGR valve. I thought I had read that it uses variable valve timing to recirculate exhaust gases, but I may be mistaken. If there is one...
  15. BrianJ77

    Can anybody translate this for me?

    Ugh! I hope they delete the auto-stop for the V-8, especially with a manual. Complete waste if you ask me. All anybody I know ever does is turn the thing off! My wife just got a new car with it and even she is annoyed by it. At least they put the button next to the engine start so you can...
  16. BrianJ77

    Video: Dark Horse S650 shown to assembly workers w/ headlights animation, cold start and revving sounds

    I swear the way everyone complains about the S650 it makes me feel like the only one who is nearly 100% satisfied with the new 'Stang. I can't wait to order mine! Are there a few things here and there that I don't like all that much? Sure, but no vehicle is perfect. The '24 Mustang is an...
  17. BrianJ77

    What’s your 1 best and 1 worst feature of the S650 Mustang?

    Best: Dark Horse edition with a real NA V-8 and manual transmission Worst: Agree with Oppolock... no green color!
  18. BrianJ77

    Mustang Chief Engineer Confirms Locked ECU, making S650 tune more difficult

    I'm not going to be the one to drag my S650 or run it on a road course. For me the stock 500ish HP Ford is putting in the Coyote will be plenty. I appreciate the idea that Ford may work with tuners in the future to allow other Mustang owners the capability to tune their cars, but this isn't...