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  1. Dave2013M3

    Base Model/Standard Interior

    Yes but that tach is still right in the middle, like old school. This was an issue back even back in the 997 days. That huge tach in the middle is glorious.
  2. Dave2013M3

    Base Model/Standard Interior

    Even better, here it is from a 911S...even the analog gauges are part of the screen.
  3. Dave2013M3

    2024 Mustang S650 price leak or fake?

    Base GT non premium will be $40K, that's my opinion. Hell 2022's are at $38K w/o the PP.
  4. Dave2013M3

    Yellow Splash S650 Mustang on the road!

    Kind of agree there...need to see it in person.
  5. Dave2013M3

    Rolling video of Yellow Splash Mustang GT (S650)

    To each his own I guess, I like the spoiler.
  6. Dave2013M3

    S650 steering and handling is night and day difference compared to S550 Mustang says Chief Engineer Ed Krenz

    This could be a biggy for me. After coming out of a BMW E92 M3 that is something I sorely miss. Yes the current S550 handles very well, particularly when modded. Its just that the steering never felt so precise. I never got to drive a GT350 or a GT500 so I can only go on what I know, which...
  7. Dave2013M3

    Would you buy a permanently locked ecu 650 mustang ?

    It will only be locked to non partner vendors. I guarantee Ford Performance, Roush, possibly LIvernois and other tuners will have access to tuning this vehicle. These tuners already offer CARB tunes for current models. This is the future regardless of brand of manufacture.
  8. Dave2013M3

    No More Tuning (Unless you buy from a Ford Partner)

    Some company will jailbreak it. BMW, Audi and even Porsche all had the same thing. Locked PCM's. Sooner or later it will be unlocked.
  9. Dave2013M3

    S650 Mustang Interior Hands-On Review: More Digital, Plus a Drift Handbrake! [Motortrend]

    Agreed, that right there is an F35. Even older 4th Gen fighters are getting all glass instruments.
  10. Dave2013M3

    Will Dark Horse be an allocated package?

    Bummer...although hopefully dealers like Chapman and others will offer deals. I just read the R and S are motorsport only...
  11. Dave2013M3

    Dark Horse Mustang in more colors - renderings

    No, and yellow isn't either.
  12. Dave2013M3

    Will Dark Horse be an allocated package?

    I believe its going to be like a PP2 package...I hope anyway.
  13. Dave2013M3

    The new dashboard is a big mistake IMO

    I think a lot of people once they sit in the car, the dash will wow you. Just an FYI I have an analog dash now with my S550.
  14. Dave2013M3

    The new dashboard is a big mistake IMO

    I'm with you, and you and I aren't the youngest of this group. I also like the new dash.
  15. Dave2013M3

    Dark Horse Mustang in more colors - renderings

    Never mind...saw another post that answered my question.:D
  16. Dave2013M3

    Dark Horse S Mustang S650 in White -- First Look Photos

    I don't think it would be that high. Thats more money than the Mach 1, I think it would be in the low $60k range.