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  1. Chadillac

    Yellow Splash 2024 Mustang GT Caught Testing

    Those wheels looks great!
  2. Chadillac

    Grabber Blue S650 Mustang GT spotted (video)!

    Grabber blue indeed looks good. That wing on the other hand… 🤢
  3. Chadillac

    No fog lights on the S650

    The fog lights on my SN95 literally make no difference whatsoever if the headlights are already on. Only way I “use” them is with the parking lights/ headlights off.
  4. Chadillac

    Are you happy they switched to a steel oil pan?

    How often do you think of your trans/oil pan material? The composite pan on my coyote feels MUCH harder and robust than the metal pan on my 4.6 or 5.3… the only related gripe I have is that stupid yellow oil plug.
  5. Chadillac

    So, S650 is a coupe again!

    Usually the doors do not have a frame around the windows. (That’s what my dad told me as a kid)
  6. Chadillac

    Let's discuss the trunk wing (options)

    I’d like to see a convertible with the GT wing. Haven’t been a fan of wings on mustangs since they went retro, but the S650 looks modern and edgy enough to pull it off. I think it looks better than the S550 w/ wings.
  7. Chadillac

    Will there be a S650 GT500?

    Who knows. The popular answer is “yes” but without a Camaro or Challenger and the “Dark Horse” making 500hp as the designated track model, you’d have to wonder if Ford doesn’t just cop out here. Additionally they’d be tasked with one-upping the current model… which is already a ludicrous...
  8. Chadillac

    Thoughts on the Dark Horse Name

    It’s funny because if Ford called this a Boss the other half of the ppl on this forum would be making these exact same posts… I do think “Dark Horse” is kinda cheesy. They should’ve just called it the “Mustang FP500” (Ford Performance 500). A nod to the old FR500 track models. That would’ve...
  9. Chadillac

    Couple of new EcoBoost S650 Mustang photos [from Texas State Fair]

    The headlights look much better in these photos. Also agree on the shark nose. Looks great.
  10. Chadillac

    Twin Turbo S650???

    I think a TTv8 or a big block Mustang has a snowball’s chance in hell for debuting after 2022… you’ll likely see a hybrid “powerboost” type drivetrain or a BEV. If the Predator is truly put to rest, then I think DH is the last true ice performer we’ll get. Maybe I know nothing tho…
  11. Chadillac

    Poll- Do you like the new interior?

    I’m not a huge fan of the screens but I’ve seen worse interiors.
  12. Chadillac

    6/1/22 unveil for S650 Mustang or something else?

    Dark Disappointment Package
  13. Chadillac

    6/1/22 unveil for S650 Mustang or something else?

    If the S650 looks as close to the S550 as we’ve been led to believe, I couldn’t see Ford dragging out a long reveal with teasers and concepts… And with other models’ 2023 order banks opening this fall, it makes sense to show it leading into summer. Assuming the S650 is truly a new-for-‘23 model.
  14. Chadillac

    6/1/22 unveil for S650 Mustang or something else?

    Idk, seems a little extreme to be just a new package. I’m really thinking this is it…
  15. Chadillac

    When do you think the S650 will be revealed?

    Ford’s Mustang social media page is unveiling something tomorrow 6/01/2022. Fingers crossed?
  16. Chadillac

    6/1/22 unveil for S650 Mustang or something else?

    Captured this from Ford’s (Mustang) social media page.
  17. Chadillac

    Newest S650 Mustang rendering by Carscoops based on leak looks real

    Render looks nice. Would love to see more work done to the sides besides a stick on scoop. The doors and fenders could use some chiseling if the front facia is to be that extreme.
  18. Chadillac

    What will it take to save the V8 Mustang?

    I don’t really think anything will save the V8 or ICE of any displacement for that matter. *Not implying EVs are the end all, be all* If further alternative fuel progress had been made to this point I think ICE would stick around. But we’re now looking beyond alternative fuel to alternative...