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  1. S650 Mustang Horsepower (450hp) Revealed In Window Sticker? 🙄

    Ah yes the old window sticker without pricing for a preproduction car
  2. Black Accent vs Standard Headlights

    I like the black accent version. That being said as a black accent s550 owner I would be torn, I have been saying for a while that the black accent package should be broken up. I think if you want black badges that should be an option that way you’re not tied to the wheels and can get the black...
  3. Yellow Splash S650 Mustang on the road!

    Yellow splash sounds absolutely disgusting. Who is coming up with these names.
  4. What Color Will Your S650 Be?

    I only opened this to make an Andrew Tate comment
  5. Are you happy they switched to a steel oil pan?

    I’ll take an acrylic one so I can show off at cars and coffee
  6. There's a new pony in town

    They just called the gt500 a toy compared to the dark horse.
  7. Mustang Chief Engineer Confirms Locked ECU, making S650 tune more difficult

    bad boy ride on mowers can do a wheelie stock ;)
  8. Mustang Chief Engineer Confirms Locked ECU, making S650 tune more difficult

    If you’re looking for a new V8 in a coupe i think it’ll be pretty hard to find a new platform to move to that won’t have a locked ecu
  9. Twin Turbo S650???

    wheres the dislike button
  10. Twin Turbo S650???

    This was a concept a while back so Ford definitely knows how to build a twin turbo coyote. I’m not too convinced on megazilla coming to the mustang when the coyote has been a proven platform for boost. https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1080169_ford-mustang-cobra-jet-gets-twin-turbos-sema-2012
  11. Dark Horse Mustang in more colors - renderings

    Honestly with the plastic painted it just looks like a continuation of the 15-17 model. Even the hood lines are similar.
  12. The Dark Horse's Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo RS tires look to be the first of their kind

    The oem pirelli p zeros that came on my car lasted 10,000 miles and weren’t anywhere near the tread wear rating of these.
  13. 2026 GT500 Mustang S650 rendered by Motor Trend

    So no hybrid and no awd. Not sure how this thing is gonna 1 up the current gt500. Unless they develop a whole new engine I don’t see this thing being very exciting.
  14. Do you like the new rear lights on S650 Mustang?

    I think the reverse was the best. Those things were bright. It was kind of disappointing going from s197 to s550 and realizing they went back to a bulb for the reverse.
  15. Do you like the new rear lights on S650 Mustang?

    they put that magnet in the hood vent and grilles
  16. Do you like the new rear lights on S650 Mustang?

    13-14 s197 taillights > every other mustang tail light
  17. That dual-intake…

    I was looking at my car today and was wondering the same thing. I think it wouldn't because those things are massive and would require moving coolant reservoir fuses boxes etc to make them work and then would need ducting to make sure the passenger side gets enough air. Plus I would like more...
  18. S650 Panels not well aligned

    Can’t wait for these to develop interior rattles and people to have to take off that flat screen TV to fix it
  19. S650 Panels not well aligned

    Wouldn’t be a mustang without poor panel fit