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  1. New Lincoln Zephyr - China Only

    Would love to see Lincoln reinvest in a flagship sedan for the N. American market. Something with a ton of swagger.
  2. Dark Horse Mustang in different colors sketches posted by Ford Performance

    I don't know what you're talking about? Mustang owners are all incredibly healthy and fit. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to eating a big Mac that's inside a bigger big Mac.
  3. Ford CEO Jim Farley Drives the S550 Supercar with Jimmy Fallon

    Agreed, was trying to have a discussion with a 2018+ owner in the forums about all the reasons the refresh doesn't work visually. They're only response after my analysis was to say something along the lines of "Good points, but you're still wrong". Everything from the uglier lower vents, to the...
  4. Official GRABBER BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    The issue with the Camaro is it sacrifices daily livability for all our performance. That's ok for something more exotic like the Corvette, but for the Camaro, nah. Fun fact, they were apparently testing out other design themes with better outward visibility, and more radical looks, but the...
  5. Official GRABBER BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    There seems to be some confusion here, I know the 6th gen Camaro uses the alpha platform, never said it didn't. All I said was that the 6th gen looked virtually identical to the 5th gen. Whereas the s650 looks kinda like the s550, but has enough changes to where you could easily tell them apart...
  6. Official GRABBER BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    Man, 95% of the cars on the road have a trapezoidal license plate character line. Yes, there's sone relation, but the only difference really between the 5th and 6th gen Camaro is the new grille design. On the s650, the rear has a far more extreme indented angle, the taillights are very...
  7. Official GRABBER BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    Not really connected to what you said, but this is just how my brain works, as the s650 is more '67-70 inspired, I would love to see the Shelby variants with corner vents to the side of the headlights that take inspiration from those split vents. If done right, it could look sick.
  8. Official GRABBER BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    You could very easily tell this design apart from the s550 from a few hundred feet away. It's not like the 6th gen Camaro, which literally looked identical to the 5th gen from most angles. The s650 has a drastically different front, rear, and side profile. Sure, does it bear a slight...
  9. Official GRABBER BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    Wouldn't call all new body panels, and major chassis/powertrain changes a mild refresh lol.
  10. Official GRABBER BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    I'm on a train, please don't give me an erection right now.
  11. Mustang EV Coupe Concept Thread

    The issue is you're thinking of mustang as a model name, ford is thinking of it as a sub-brand. In other words, in ford's mind, mustang isn't the 911, it's Porsche. If Ford wanted to make a smaller mustang, call it the mustang stallion. If they made a mid-engine mustang, call it the mustang...
  12. Corvette to Launch as a Brand in 2025 w/4-Door and SUV - Should Mustang Follow?

    Exactly, people love to hate the mach-e, but even if they don't like the idea of making a mustang hot hatch, it's still a good and cool car in terms of design, driving dynamics, and tech. Plus as you mentioned, the existence of the mach-e supports the normal mustangs ability to have a v8 well...
  13. Mustang EV Coupe Concept Thread

    A mustang sedan wouldn't be a terrible way to expand the mustang sub-brand. They just have to nail the design.
  14. 777 Performance announces GT3 body kit for 2024+ Mustang S650

    It's a little much for me, but I can see the appeal. If I wanted to go full on race car, this would probably be the body kit I'd go with.
  15. Dark Horse Mustang Spotted in Public w/ Production Spec Interior!

    Too complex, destined to break. A can and a string was the peak of communication technology.
  16. Dark Horse Mustang Spotted in Public w/ Production Spec Interior!

    The more I see if this design, the more I love how extreme that angle on the back is.
  17. Official YELLOW SPLASH Mustang S650 Thread

    Ah, so they're trying to capitalize on the support for Ukraine. Sneaky sneaky ford.
  18. S650 Mustang Horsepower (450hp) Revealed In Window Sticker? 🙄

    The sticker is fake man, not sure why people even believe this. Just listen to what the people who created the car are telling you and you'll realize this is false. Damn this is actually pissing me off lol.
  19. Would You Consider a Smaller Foxbody Inspired Mustang?

    But it wouldn't be a huge investment, there would still be some development work, but you wouldn't have to develop a lot of brand new stuff. Start with the c2 focus chassis, make it awd with rear bias like the previous gen focus RS, throw in the 2.0 and 2.3 they already have, and you're good to...
  20. S650 GT @ Charlotte Auto Show

    Wait 'till you see "new" generations of the 911. That will make the s650 seem like a radical departure by comparison.