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  1. Official YELLOW SPLASH Mustang S650 Thread

    Wonder what this would look like without the performance pack and some stripes Just a combination idea 🤔
  2. Silver 2024 Mustang GT S650 spotted

    I have been thinking this for weeks and said so to someone I know, they are incredibly similar at the rear and I see no Camaro at all in the car.
  3. First S650 Mustang with Stripe Package photo

    Oh, look, that's the exact spec I said I wanted
  4. What Color Will Your S650 Be?

    I was really disappointed when I found out they weren't bringing Eruption Green back 😕
  5. 2024 Mustang EcoBoost Convertible Spied in Vapor Blue w/Blue Brembos

    Decent photos but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel bad for the driver
  6. Yellow Splash S650 Mustang on the road!

    Echoing what's already been said, but I would advise reserving judgement until you've seen one in person, this car is not very photogenic from most angles and this certainly isn't a great one
  7. What Color Will Your S650 Be?

    Okay, funny Andrew T*te reference out of the way, if you're planning to order one what color scheme are you thinking? Personally I'm feeling an Atlas Blue with the broze accent pack, maybe some black stripes...
  8. Photoshop request!

    This with a black stripe, maybe?
  9. Thoughts on the Dark Horse Name

    If Ford is trying to market this to younger buyers I'm not sure SVT is the way to go. That feels like a 90s-early 00s nameplate. Leaning into FP may not be an option either if they're saving the Shelby nameplate for something more ludicrous, ST and RS don't make any sense on this kind of car...
  10. S650 GT Convertible | Miami International Auto Show (pics + vids)

    Okay, I've been floating around this forum for a little over a year now but this made me laugh so hard I had to make an account just to reply.