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  1. metalhead79

    The new dashboard is a big mistake IMO

    I would have preferred Ford upgrade the quality of the current interior and increased the 8" screen to a 10" and add a HUD. Oh well, this is modern car design. I don't love it, but it won't stop me from buying an S650.
  2. metalhead79

    Dark Horse Mustang in more colors - renderings

    I saw a youtube video last night that had a table of the cars in the different colors being offered and I believe I remember seeing orange. I think the Dark Horse is going to look best in dark colors.
  3. metalhead79

    🏴‍☠️ Mustang Dark Horse S and Dark Horse R Revealed!

    They should have called it Night Mare instead of Dark Horse. Would have been so much cooler. That being said, I'm going to have to take a look in the piggy bank and see if I can scrounge up the change for one of these or if I have to 'settle' for a performance pack GT. I'll be the coolest dude...
  4. metalhead79

    “All New” 2.3L I4 EcoBoost Engine Specs & Photos (S650 Mustang)

    This new 2.3L is really interesting to me. Hopefully they are including the larger turbo from the HPP engines so it can make power higher up in the RPMs than the current 2.3L does. I wonder if Ford managed to improve the engine enough that it can be tuned without threatening to toss a rod...
  5. metalhead79

    S650 Mustang Fanboi Thread

    I'm really liking the exterior. The interior is growing on me. I have some thinking to do now. Go ahead with my planned 2023 EB HPP w/HP order or wait and order an EB or GT with the performance pack when the 2024 order banks open.
  6. metalhead79

    ⚠️ LEAKED S650 Mustang Images & Rumored Specs!! [New Shots & Engine Image Added]

    I wonder if the suspension will be upgraded so it doesn't handle like a bag of ass from the factory unless one opts in for the performance pack?
  7. metalhead79

    ⚠️ LEAKED S650 Mustang Images & Rumored Specs!! [New Shots & Engine Image Added]

    I like the exterior. I'm not digging the interior.
  8. metalhead79

    Will Ford drop the HPP from the Ecoboost?

    I read recently, I don't remember where, that Ford said the HPP was meeting sales expectations. The High Performance Pack is $6150. The optional Handling Pack that can be added to the HPP is $1995. It adds magnaride, 6 piston Brembos in the front w/larger front rotor, a Torsen LSD and wider...