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  1. S650 GT

    2024 Mustang S650 price leak or fake?

    This guy talking about Mustang S650 prices. 35.000 for the base Ecoboost 40.000 for the Premium Ecoboost 45.000 for the GT 50.000 for the GT Premium 60.000 for the Dark Horse He did not tell where he got this from.
  2. S650 GT

    S650 Panels not well aligned

    I am a huge Mustang fan from 2005 until now. From all the cars that are available at the market, for some reason I find the Mustang the coolest car. But one thing bothers me all the time. Panels that are not great aligned. I've seen many brands, but on the Mustang it's a normal thing that you...
  3. S650 GT

    Video: Dark Horse startup and acceleration / exhaust sounds 🔥

    I love the sound. Hope the GT sounds the same..
  4. S650 GT

    Post all Mustang S650 pictures!

    I am HUGE impressed about the new S650 and I can't wait to order one. Here you can drop all the S650 Mustang pictures that you have come across.