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  1. VooDooGT350

    Will Dark Horse be an allocated package?

    I just wish the dealers dont treat the S650 like they did with the Bronco, have workers "purchase" the retail units and trade them in to have the status change to a used mustang, then jack the prices through the roof. I was stationed with the Tropic Lightning, years back, and i dont miss East...
  2. VooDooGT350

    When will S650 Mustang be available to buy?

    I think maybe After Oct 1st, The beginning of the new fiscal year, the banks may have a chance to open for the pre-order (fingers crossed)
  3. VooDooGT350

    Next gen Mustang GT350 Rendered (Updated)

    I don't think Shelby is allowing ford to utilize the name anymore. This is why the Darkhorse moniker has been introduced.
  4. VooDooGT350

    Color Samples - 2024 Mustang S650: Blue Ember, Vapor Blue, Grabber Blue, Yellow Splash, Ingot Silver, Etc.

    Carbonized Gray!!! I wish Leadfoot was available along with Wimbledon White