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  1. 93-Oct Mayne

    S650 v S550 Mustang GT front end comparison

    I love the S550, but the headlights on the 18+ refresh are god awful. I'm glad Ford fixed the droopy look of the front end
  2. 93-Oct Mayne

    Video: Dark Horse startup and acceleration / exhaust sounds 🔥

    Sounds better than most modified 5.0s. I had several setups including the Corsa extremes and it never sounded this good
  3. 93-Oct Mayne

    Post all Mustang S650 pictures!

    This is the only couple of shots I can find in the yellow. Anyone have more? I'm really trying to figure out how close it is to triple yellow
  4. 93-Oct Mayne

    S650 Mustang Fanboi Thread

    Saw this on Facebook. You can clearly see where the similarities are
  5. 93-Oct Mayne

    🏴‍☠️ Mustang Dark Horse S and Dark Horse R Revealed!

    I think what you're actually seeing is just the side of the headlight housing through the intake holes on either side of the grille
  6. 93-Oct Mayne

    SO, is the S650 PCM locked or not?

    I think we can blame the Ecoboost for this. When the S550 dropped, tuners jumped all over it and popped hundreds of motors with crappy tuning, which then lead people to believe it was not a reliable engine (aka the Ecoboom moniker)
  7. 93-Oct Mayne

    Base Model/Standard Interior

    Not bad at all. I'll be prioritizing performance packages over premium features, so it's nice to see I won't have a iphone instead of an ipad if I get the base interior 😂
  8. 93-Oct Mayne

    S650 Mustang Fanboi Thread

    I thought it was awesome that they managed to physically differentiate the ecoboost from the V8 without making the eco look worse/boring in comparison
  9. 93-Oct Mayne

    S650 Mustang Fanboi Thread

    I had to laugh at the intentional vagueness during the livestream. I mean 480+ basically means 485 right? lol
  10. 93-Oct Mayne

    🎉 The 7th Gen Mustang S650 Has Officially Landed!!

    Sweet! Look like the dual intake goes for both versions of the GT
  11. 93-Oct Mayne

    S650 Mustang Fanboi Thread

    They confirmed Dark Horse comes with the Tremec but didn't mention the 10spd, I wonder if it's manual only. I also wonder if Dark Horse is the only version with the dual intake 5.0 That stance is godly
  12. 93-Oct Mayne

    S650 Mustang Fanboi Thread

    EXACTLY. I was concerned when I saw the photo of the red car, but the blue photo of the rear is much better. I still would've liked to see more Mach-e tail elements in there
  13. 93-Oct Mayne

    S650 Mustang Fanboi Thread

    I would wait. I personally have been waiting to buy for over a year. This will new model will have improved performance and tech across the board, but you'll probably spend more. Specifics should come very soon
  14. 93-Oct Mayne

    S650 Mustang Fanboi Thread

    As is to be expected, there are a lot of mixed opinions on the new car. I love reading some of the informed opinions posted here that provide insights and highlight key issues, but sifting through a million "ITS HIDEOUS" comments from people who can't justify buying it for whatever reason is a...
  15. 93-Oct Mayne

    New Video Teaser: Jim Farley and Jimmy Fallon Check out the S650 Mustang

    I think the front and rear will change enough that it'll be easily distinguishable. Don't forget about engine and suspension upgrades. There should at least be more changes there than the 2018 refresh