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Search results

  1. Newest S650 Mustang rendering by Carscoops based on leak looks real

    Josh did a great job. Has always produced nice renders.
  2. 🥷🏻 S650 Mustang Front Fascia Leaked!

    Sketches always look great as the designers go a little silly with wheel size and small glass house, lower roof lines etc
  3. S650 is out there somewhere, isn't she?

    Some nice ideas in those sketches In terms of headlights, this is the closest I've seen to what seems in the ball park
  4. S650 Mustang design / styling first-hand description 🕵🏻‍♂️

    Side front profile on s650 the more i see, the more i like! A much more sophisticated look, still shark / snake like imagery to me. Thats how i have always viewed the front profile. Its got some aggressiveness there while its an obvious evolution of what we have now Think mach 1, remove the...
  5. S650 is out there somewhere, isn't she?

    Not quite, doesn't mean it wasn't from the front 🙂