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  1. amk91

    S650 2023 Mustang (7th Gen) Lead Designer Revealed

    The guy behind the design of the next generation under S650 Chief Engineer Mike Celentino is none other than a guy named Aiden Chang-il Lee of Ford Design. I had originally found out before anyone outside of Dearborn some 8 years ago, that Kemal Couric had designed the "then yet to be...
  2. amk91

    S650 2023 Mustang Chief Engineer / Program Director is Michael Celetino

    Doing some fishing around, I think I found the guy in charge of the whole shebang. Michael Celetino. And judging by the date he started, seems like CD6 Stang was shelved right when Hackett took over in May 2017. Looks like 5 years is being spent on this by him. He previously worked on 2017...
  3. amk91

    S650 Mustang launches in 2022 as 2023MY reveals Ford Linkedin post

    It's coming in 2022, for 2023. Ford official information via Linkedin.