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  1. Mazman

    New S650 Mustang render from Road & Track

    E85 that sucker with a hybrid setup
  2. Mazman

    New S650 Mustang render from Road & Track

    Either way it looks really good
  3. Mazman

    6/1/22 unveil for S650 Mustang or something else?

    Come on it's 6/1........ 🤣
  4. Mazman

    Newest S650 Mustang rendering by Carscoops based on leak looks real

    With some nice wheels I think that will look total badass
  5. Mazman

    S650 Mustang Rendered in Colors + Enhanced Front Fascia

    Yeah it's crazy 😞 For a daily, leaving kids at school, shopping etc EVs are great as such, not so much fun but a nice calm ride. Heats up/cools down quickly, "fueling" up at home and so on. But other aspect not so great. I like being able to stomp on it from the first second, doing that in a GT...
  6. Mazman

    S650 Mustang Prototypes Spied High Altitude Testing

    Stolen from FB Props to the photographer
  7. Mazman

    Mustang s650 posing in Ford Lightning ad?!

    That hood is like 1m shorter than the test vehicles hood :P
  8. Bikeman315

    S650 Mustang INTERIOR First Look Spyshots! + More Exterior Shots

    Wiseass! :crackup: :like::clap: There are so many threads I cannot keep them all straight. But you are, of course, right. And I respect you too!
  9. Classic Lover

    🥷🏻 S650 Mustang Front Fascia Leaked!

    Well when it comes to retro design, and classic muscle car feel, the challenger unquestionably is the best at what it does. I daily drive a 2021 T/A 392 and I can tell you it absolutely fills a spot that the Mustang and Camaro do not. I also don’t see what dvds have to do with the 50 something’s...
  10. Murfstang

    S650 Mustang INTERIOR First Look Spyshots! + More Exterior Shots

    “the signature round steering wheel center”…..
  11. Dave2013M3

    They HAVE to ditch the MT-82 this time around, right?

    Thats an awesome graphic...thanks. It just reinforces my thought that a set of 4.09 gears will do wonderful for us MT82D4 owners.
  12. StangGang93

    S650 Mustang INTERIOR First Look Spyshots! + More Exterior Shots

    On the prototype those buttons aren’t meant to be pushed in like push button start button is. The S550 prototype buttons clearly look like they’re supposed to be pushed in with toggles for the premium trim and buttons for the base model trim which turned out to be what we got in production model.
  13. Bullit

    New Ford Mondeo 2023

    This new Mondeo ST Line could looks very similar to S650 front? https://carnewschina.com/2022/02/27/new-ford-mondeo-st-line-officially-unveiled-in-china/
  14. Ruin

    They HAVE to ditch the MT-82 this time around, right?

    I wonder if the S550 Mach 1 will be to the S650 what the S197 Boss 302 was to the S550. If that’s the case, then it would make sense for the Tremec to end up in the new GT.
  15. S650 Mustang design / styling first-hand description 🕵🏻‍♂️

    That one with the red background (Sorry for the terrible resolution) is actually similar to another mustang sketch that was shown with the mach-e sketches, but I've never seen that particular sketch posted. Also, the sketch below was a proposal for the s550, but I would love if the s650 took...
  16. Good news for Mustang via Jim Farley: ICE business will focus around Bronco & Mustang

    Willow Springs 2022 M5 - 1:28.76 2022 CT5 Blackwing - 1:28:07 2021 Model S Plaid - 1:27.78 Driven by Randy Probst See the Results at time 21:09 So yeah, faster by a full second than the M5. That's what 1020 usable HP does...
  17. S650 Mustang design / styling first-hand description 🕵🏻‍♂️

    That blue sketch is an official Ford sketch that was done for the mach-e. Many of us have noted that it just looks like a mustang coupe,hence why it's been featured so heavily on this forum.
  18. Will there be a S650 Supercharged V8 Mustang from the factory?

    If they knew they probably wouldn't tell ;) I sincerely disagree. It is almost granted that there will be performance-variants of the S650 and my guess would be that Ford tries to build into the Mustang brand. Meaning there will be a GT350 around the launch and a GT500 down the road. There...