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Search results

  1. bobbyh

    Newest S650 Mustang rendering by Carscoops based on leak looks real

    I've seen those giant side scoops on New Edge Mustang's. If it's not functional please get rid of it. Otherwise it looks pretty good so far; will depend on the engine/drivetrain options if I will get one though.
  2. bobbyh

    Mustang Hybrid (S650) Announced, Debuts in 2020

    I'm definitely interested but not holding my breath for a hybrid V-8 no matter what they say. My only concern is the car is heavy enough as is. Also, if they add the electric batteries and reduce that weight with lighter weight materials the price is probably going to push up even more.
  3. bobbyh

    X-Plan on New Mustang

    Thanks! I'll keep that in mind. I'm trying to set up dealers to locate what I want and I'll make sure to tell them what I'm willing to pay. My problem so far is I'm trying to do this online. The salespeople keep asking me to stop in or give them my #. I don't have time to deal with things that...
  4. bobbyh

    X-Plan on New Mustang

    Does the dealer charge for getting a car from another dealer and transport?
  5. bobbyh

    X-Plan on New Mustang

    I'll definitely look into the bottom line on several options. I can't really complain at all about the few I have seen in the 28-29k range as it has to be a couple thousand less than invoice on the cars. Thanks!
  6. bobbyh

    X-Plan on New Mustang

    I see a few 2015 base GT's on autotrader near me for $28k-$29k. As these are already under invoice I assume I can't use x-plan or any other rebates on those cars?