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  1. Dub347sbf

    6/1/22 unveil for S650 Mustang or something else?

    On twitter this is also attached to the date. Maybe a blackout package?
  2. Dub347sbf

    C&D: 2024 Mustang Will Debut on April 17, 2023

    1993 when they lowered the horsepower rating was 3 years before the 4.6 in the mustang (1996), if they did it that far ahead of time, then they were sure planning way ahead. The 4.6 itself was already out in 1994 in other vehicles, so i suppose maybe they were.
  3. Dub347sbf

    C&D: 2024 Mustang Will Debut on April 17, 2023

    Well... the 1993 mustang gt got a downgrade in horsepower before 1994. Went from 225 in 1992 to 205 in 1993, then 215 in 1994. I vaguely recall it being emissions related. Either way, i would guess the 205 in 93 was so the new model in 94 had a 'bump', even though it arguably went down. Doesn't...
  4. Dub347sbf

    S650 Mustang INTERIOR First Look Spyshots! + More Exterior Shots

    Yeah, like others have said, it looks somewhat like a Bronco interior to me, not really surprising. I am liking the horizontal screen instead of the large 'iPad' in the middle of the dash. I think it is a wait and see for me, but I do not HATE anything I am seeing so far personally.
  5. Dub347sbf

    S650 mule spotted..........with all wheel drive?

    That is exciting, after driving my wifes AWD sporty sedan (2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0t), I want an AWD Mustang. I will probably wait and see if is offered with a v8 or hybrid before settling for a RWD GT in 2022. Hope the information comes out in early 2022 and not late 2022.