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  1. Jarstang

    SCAM ALERT: Unsolicited messages/conversations asking you to email someone for parts!

    Dear Mustang6G members - We are having all users read this to make everyone aware of a common scam taking place on Mustang6G and other forums. This involves a new user (typically one who has joined recently without an extensive post history -- but this may not always be the case), sending...
  2. Jarstang

    Mustang6G Forum Rules and Terms of Service

    ***** RULES AND TERMS OF SERVICE. Please Read Before Posting. ***** Below is a set of general rules and guidelines that we expect all members to follow. As there is no possible way for Administrators or Moderators to read every single post, we rely on members to...
  3. Jarstang

    Tapatalk No Longer Supported on Mustang6G

    Dear Members, As mentioned earlier, Mustang6G will no longer be supporting Tapatalk from today forward. This decision has not been made lightly as I understand it affects more than a few members. However, we, along with a growing number of other forums feel that over the past years Tapatalk...
  4. Jarstang

    Mustang6G Sponsorship Now Open!

    Dear Vendors, We are happy to announce that the Mustang6G.com sponsorship program has officially begun and will be required of all vendors, sellers, dealers and other commercial activity on the site. If you have not been contacted by us already, please send me a PM or email us through our...