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Search results

  1. Twin Turbo

    GT500 Mustang S650 Mule! 📸

    Nah, the Brittany Blue Heritage Edition ('22MY) will be the last.......just like the Wimbledon White Heritage Edition GT350 was. It's certainly unusual to see a hi-po version of an "all new" model testing so early, but I'm not complaining. Whatever it is, it'll still be unlikely to see...
  2. 2024 Mustang EcoBoost (S650) First Sighting!

    to get them out of a S197, but for current S550 owners? Ich optimistich, nicht. Maybe if the chassis and drive-train is the peer of GM's Alpha(2) platform. eg. Magneride v4 on all trims except 100A, 101A and 300A. GT brakes on every car including all EB trims. If Ford would simply stop putting...
  3. Sivi70980

    S650 Mustang design / styling first-hand description 🕵🏻‍♂️

    Took a min to find it but this is what I thought of when you said fangs on a car lol. Crazy how terrible that held up, I LOVED that show! Hard to believe now that is supposed to be a viper.