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Search results

  1. Marty1000

    🥷🏻 S650 Mustang Front Fascia Leaked!

    Looks like the rear end design for 2024 is very close to 2018 GT from UK.
  2. Twin Turbo

    Ford Teases NASCAR Next Gen Mustang Race Car, Debuts May 5 for Global Mustang Week

    It'll be interesting to see what it looks like. However, the current Mustang Nascar looks more like some of the less successful S550 photoshops :giggle:
  3. cmxPPL219

    S650 2023 Mustang (7th Gen) Lead Designer Revealed

    As others have said, thanks @amk91, you've always got great info and the scoop. :thumbsup:
  4. cmxPPL219

    S650 mule spotted..........with all wheel drive?

    Yeah, if you look closely at the front wheel, it appears there is quite big brake rotor setup at the front. The dark, "shadowy-looking" gap around the polished-looking rotor hub almost look similar to Ford's proprietary 2-piece used in GT350/GT500. It also appears to have a large swept rotor...
  5. cmxPPL219

    Rendering: This is how 2023 Mustang 7th gen should look like

    Great speculative render @Ace ! What are all your thoughts on what looks to be the new corporate grille - I am not a fan. Reminds me of these:
  6. cmxPPL219

    Mustang S650 Design Previewed by ‘Progressive Energy In Strength’ Sculpture

    According to @amk91 (post below): That's very much S650 to a degree. Wasn't expecting this to be shown, let alone in 2020. Should be seeing mules testing soon (behind schedule), followed by what is called Verification Prototype 1. This is the ‘Progressive Energy In Strength’ Sculpture...