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  1. Jarstang

    SCAM ALERT: Unsolicited messages/conversations asking you to email someone for parts!

    Dear Mustang6G members - We are having all users read this to make everyone aware of a common scam taking place on Mustang6G and other forums. This involves a new user (typically one who has joined recently without an extensive post history -- but this may not always be the case), sending...
  2. Jarstang

    S650 2023 Mustang Chief Engineer / Program Director is Michael Celetino

    Add to that the 2021 Bronco which is already showing that it will be a big profit maker for Ford.
  3. Jarstang

    2021 MUSTANG (S650) - 7th Generation Mustang Confirmed

    This is correct. D6R will be a new global platform to be used/modified to underpin the S650 and next-gen Explorer, Lincoln MKZ, etc. 12/2020 is the currently scheduled SOP target I am aware of, which was established last year. To my knowledge it was not pushed back. Of course, it is still very...