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  1. Stam616

    S650 cancelled?

    I understand what you’re saying but the Mustang has an incredible story, is synonymous with Ford and has a following in the millions who even if they can’t get a Mustang, they buy other Ford products. So as a percentage of car sales it might not be huge, but if you factor the Mustang in decions...
  2. Stam616

    S650 cancelled?

    Guys really, there will be a new Mustang. If it stays on this platform or gets an even better one, it will be completely redesigned and will have a Hybrid as part of the lineup. Let’s not get nuts. These cars sell plenty and there’s will always be room for sports and GT cars in the world because...
  3. Stam616

    S650 cancelled?

    I’m not sure about this. I know people at Ford and that’s not anything that I’ve heard of. I’ll take it with a grain of salt until we get more corroborating evidence and someone goes on the record.
  4. Stam616

    2021 MUSTANG (S650) - 7th Generation Mustang Confirmed

    Although I’m of course biased, I think the S550 is one of the most beautiful Mustangs ever made. I didn’t feel that way initially, but when I saw it in person it blew me away. I think this iteration has only added to the legacy of the Mustang name and wouldn’t be surprised if the S650 didn’t...