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  1. Hoping for the DCT in the New S650 Mustang

    I think it will depend on how quickly and cheaply Tremec can pump them out ... Never underestimate the will to make a $. There was a time too when people said Magnetic ride was the reason why Ferraris drove how they were and that the tech is for luxury cars only. Times change.
  2. Rumor: S650 Mustang 4-Door Sedan Will Debut in 2022 with 3 Engine Options

    see that's the issue - guys say that and then when they do make one that beats the Germans the same guys turn around and say "well I need 4 doors" ... Then they say "well what about electric... and the wife wants a crossover" :cwl::crackup:🤔 Ford couldn't give a cr*p frankly about the 'buyers'...
  3. Report: Next gen S650 Mustang will have full 8 year life cycle

    They did that , in 2004 with the S197 Didn't seem to make a huge dent in sales so why not share platforms Its always possible to shorten a wheelbase if the engineers knew what they were doing when designing a 21st century modern day automative platform. EZ PZ... But it will certainly compete...
  4. S650 2023 Mustang Chief Engineer / Program Director is Michael Celetino

    the beat goes on ... they are doing everything they can (and that can including re-using old but good hardware) to keep delivering those 2 door coupes convertibles year after year...
  5. Rumor [Autocar]: 2023 Mustang will be AWD Hybrid V8 (in Europe Only)

    Front wheels electrically direct-driven with rear drive V8 power... so poor mans 918 Spyder? :cwl::crackup::crackup:
  6. S650 Mustang launches in 2022 as 2023MY reveals Ford Linkedin post

    isn't s650 still a reworked S550 at the end of day?
  7. S650 cancelled?

    There will still be an S650... it will just now be a modified updated S550 which itself was an S197. ::shrugs:: Ford going back to its old ways. I too remember Ford selling practically the same Mustang underneath for almost 3 decades but that was at a time when the other domestics and even a...
  8. Mustang Hybrid (S650) Announced, Debuts in 2020

    I'm fully expecting an integrated system for the Hybrid Mustang. Probably a stand alone trim level. Hi Po V6 w/ all the goodies + an electric motor/regeneration. DCT only of course :) Car will be a like a poor man's i8/NSX, almost around 10 years since those cars introductions. Aka it will be...