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  1. 93-Oct Mayne

    Driver side door rattle

    Recently my car has developed a pretty annoying rattle in the driver's side door when I play music with any kind of bass. It goes away if I push up against any part of the door, so it's not the speaker itself. Has anyone fixed this issue before? I guess I need to somehow tighten the seal when...
  2. 93-Oct Mayne

    Automatic Transmission Searching for Gear

    Try shifting with the paddles for a day and see if it adjusts
  3. 93-Oct Mayne

    DARKHORSE on Velgen VF10 Wheels

    Is this car stock ride height? I was wondering if this setup would work with the steeda progressive lowering springs without rubbing
  4. 93-Oct Mayne

    19x9.5 squared setup wheels - suggestions

    Drives great. Awesome turning grip. No noticeable tramlining with continentals.
  5. 93-Oct Mayne

    19x9.5 squared setup wheels - suggestions

    I'm personally running Velgen VF5s in 19x10 with 285/35/19s all around
  6. 93-Oct Mayne

    Any advice to newcomers considering modding their cars?

    If you're driving a non performance pack, definitely a strut tower brace and stiffer sway bars
  7. 93-Oct Mayne

    Steering wheel plastic cracking

    ^This. It's ridiculously easy to scratch the plastic on the center portion of the steering wheel. Same with the dash trim above the glove compartment.
  8. 93-Oct Mayne

    MBRP active catback ?

    The MBRP is definitely not going to have the build quality of corsa or borla, but the race does sound awesome in person. I had corsa extremes on my S550 and wanted something with a little more low end volume and bass, so I'm waiting on Roush to release their active sytem for the S650. What was...
  9. 93-Oct Mayne

    Screen protector - anyone install one? Gloss or matte?

    Microfiber cloth and it's good as new
  10. 93-Oct Mayne

    Recall 24S36 - Leaking Hydraulic Clutch Pressure Line

    I had no idea under hood fires could cause injury
  11. 93-Oct Mayne

    Just weighed my base 10r80 GT Mustang S650

    Stock non-performance pack GT with beats a Mach 1. 2024 is obviously faster 2024 Ford Mustang GT Drag Races 2023 Ford Mustang Mach 1, It’s Over in 12 Seconds - autoevolution
  12. 93-Oct Mayne

    NEW Borla Cat-Back Exhausts | 2024 Mustang GT & Dark Horse are HERE!!

    Any way to get the ATAK axle-back? I already have the double H from you guys so it would be great if I could combine
  13. 93-Oct Mayne

    Long Tube Headers

    That all sounds great, but I'll have to find a shop to pay off for emissions 😆 I'm running the Corsa double H and I'm trying to decide between waiting on the roush axle-back or just getting headers, which will prob cost about the same in the end
  14. 93-Oct Mayne

    Just weighed my base 10r80 GT Mustang S650

    now we're magazine racing? 😆
  15. 93-Oct Mayne

    A10 Transmission erratic shifting

    I think it takes some time to adjust to your driving style. I missed my A6 at first also, but after 8k miles I love the A10
  16. 93-Oct Mayne

    Long Tube Headers

    I have a list of questions for the header people 1. What did you notice performance-wise after header install? Any changes in the power/torque curve? 2. How significant was the sound increase? 3. How do you manage passing emissions with headers? lol
  17. 93-Oct Mayne

    Perfect use of that gap between displays…

    Why wouldn't you just use apple car play for that?
  18. 93-Oct Mayne

    Metallic clank slow speed

    Something with the control arms
  19. 93-Oct Mayne

    2024 Mustang GT / DH Hellion Sleeper Hidden Twin Turbo System- Beefcake Racing!!!

    I'm assuming those are catless headers that it comes with?
  20. 93-Oct Mayne

    My X-pipe to HH-pipe swap experience

    There is a certain high pitch resonance to the X pipe that I liked. I think it's interesting that a lot of the catback systems offered for the S650 come standard with the X-pipe, despite most people prefering the Hpipe sound. All the Ford racing sytems and even the MBRP race is an X these days