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  1. marcekb

    OTA Update Issues

    The update went well, but I've had two issues since. 1) The dash keeps switching to Fox Body when I start the car. It stays with whatever I select until I turn it back off. 2) When I turn off the car, I now get a prompt every time asking if I want to turn off the motion sensors. I'd...
  2. marcekb

    Rear Suspension Clanking Noise

    Anyone have experience with this? My right rear side makes a metal on metal clanking noise when I hit bumps in the road. Not so much in normal mode. When I pick a sport or track mode, the suspension stiffens as expected and then even more bumps cause the noise in the right rear. It seems...
  3. marcekb

    S650 Glamour Shots

    Got her tinted, ceramic'd and PPF'd, and picked up this morning. Better than factory finish. Here are a few beauty shots.
  4. marcekb

    My S550 to S650 Evaluation Review

    Going from the 2021 GT Premium, A10, PP, AVE, 401A (all my 26k miles) To the 2024 GT Premium, M6, PP, AVE, MR, 401A (13 miles when I got it, 510 now) And having read so many different opinions and experiences of reviewers who have driven the new car sometimes only briefly and folks who have not...
  5. marcekb

    FordPass App Permissions

    Would love feedback on the app. It says you give Ford permission to use all your personal and car data, and to sell it to others. Am I missing something there? Seems like no one would want to use the app with such an invasion of privacy, no? Does anyone have a better understanding of this?