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    First look at the Mustang GTD interior!

    PERFECT example of why Mustang needs GM and Dodge competitors. Come on, FORD!!!

    2024 - check engine light on at ~6,900 miles

    Using 93 Oct gas? Top Tier? I had to use a grocery chain station once, and the car didn't like it at all. Threw a CEL for random misfires. Ran that gas out and went to my usual Exxon, and it hasn't been back on since.

    Just weighed my base 10r80 GT Mustang S650

    Pretty sure Lund or anybody will not be making non-emissions compliant tunes. The scope from the 3 letter mafia is broad, and merciless. They won't even kill CES lights. And I do not blame them in today's environment. Ford will be offering OTA tunes at some point for us. Will they be earth...

    Just weighed my base 10r80 GT Mustang S650

    I think it's 100% that his employer can't make profit from it.. yet... I mean, I do not like it as much as the next owner, that we can not just run out and get a tune, or have a choice of FI options for the 2024. Granted the Whipple and included tune are doing very well. That is the route I see...

    Just weighed my base 10r80 GT Mustang S650

    I like his tech. Esp as of late, the 2013 GT he's been doing mods to and documenting it. But going after people I consider friends in the industry and personally, ya lose me there.

    Just weighed my base 10r80 GT Mustang S650

    Ran 7.9 a few weeks back with mine. 1.9 60ft on factory Continental 255/19's. DA @2300 temps in the 80''s. No weight reduction with my fat ass driving, car is at 4000+lbs. That's a 12.3 1/4 mile. Assumed E30 mix in the tank, Green Filters in the OEM boxes, traps gone. Fall DA on drag radials...

    Just weighed my base 10r80 GT Mustang S650

    He's a troll... don't feed em... facts do not matter to them.

    Just weighed my base 10r80 GT Mustang S650

    I indeed do. I honestly am torn on him. I truly enjoy some of his humor, and he is well versed in many areas. Just not a fan of his attacks on others in the industry that he does not fall in line with. But it's his platform and nobody is forced to follow. It will be enjoyable to see when the...

    Just weighed my base 10r80 GT Mustang S650

    I gotta pull my spare out next time at the track. LOL
  10. LETHAL

    Just weighed my base 10r80 GT Mustang S650

    Dogging me? I am gonna assume you are mistaking ME for somebody else? LOL I am a loyal customer, and supporter, and friends with the Mustang King himself, but I am not affiliated officially.
  11. LETHAL

    Just weighed my base 10r80 GT Mustang S650

    They see Dark Horse weight, and assume the GT is the same. We are faster and same weight as the S550. Sorry to the haters.
  12. LETHAL

    how do you control yourself from speeding?

    I look at the little speed limit sign on my screen.. and then match my speed to it...It's like magic.
  13. LETHAL

    Real world 0-60 and 1/4 mile times for stock S650 GTs?

    I see Lapeer is not a ringer track anymore. LOL Back in the early 2000's, if you wanted a "good" ET, you went to Lapeer. For the OP and comparison.. I ran a 7.94 1/8th at 92.92 mph, with a 1.93 60ft here in NC two weeks ago. DA was around 2300. Temps were in the 80's. OEM Conti's (255/19)...
  14. LETHAL

    We Dyno The 2024 Mustang GT K&N Intake + Compare to Carbon Trap Delete & High Flow Drop-in Filters

    I guess you have to consider vehicle movement and associated air intake volume when driving. That loss of power from Stock to the K&N set up is alarming on it's face. But when the car is moving, it's going to come down fast on the IATs and make power. 18 hp... who knows? This comparison was...
  15. LETHAL

    Removing engine cover with strut tower brace?

    The wire loom pops off. Regardless, I am pretty sure I have removed my cover with the (OEM) STB on.
  16. LETHAL

    2025 Ford Mustang GT, youtube vids with false info

    This guy most certainly has not got his hands on a "2025". No such animal yet. It's may of 2024. We will not see 2025's till late fall, if not later.
  17. LETHAL

    Fuel for 2024 Mustang GT - premium or regular or mid grade fuel?

    Beyond the obvious performance aspects of 93 vs. 87, also consider 93 has more detergents and additives that will keep the combustion chamber and your valves cleaner than 87. It's been proven.. you sacrifice around 20hp running 87 in these cars.
  18. LETHAL

    Tennesee Getaway!

    Truly blessed to have the nation's best roads in my back yard, here in Western North Carolina.