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    S550 to S650...is the fit/finish and materials better?

    Those of you who've had a S550 and now have a S650. Is the fit/finish better in the new model? Quality of materials?
  2. Rated R

    Speculations for Models Between Dark Horse and GTD?

    Any intel for a model above the DH yet? With the new Whipple kit for the GT/DH from Ford Performance did Ford paint itself into a corner? I do think there has to be something Ford has been working on, but much lower in price and not nearly as bespoke as the GTD. I'd love to see something, maybe...
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    Ford is jumping the shark if they do this...

    That is all: https://fordauthority.com/2022/09/2021-ford-shelby-mustang-mach-e-gt-concept-live-photo-gallery-2/