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  1. Tacticly

    Just took delivery ordered April 2023

    My dealer got one allocation price protected, premium, manual and recaros didn’t pay over sticker and with price protection basically paid 66 for a 70 window your welcome
  2. Tacticly

    Ordered 4-06-2023

    Ended production 2-18-24 Arrived at dealer 2-28-24 didn’t sit at all
  3. Tacticly


  4. Tacticly

    Look at order date

    And the only reason it’s being built now is because I took the handling package out https://shop.ford.com/vehicleordertracking/status/?vin=1FA6P8R0XR5504620
  5. Tacticly

    Dark horse vin Usaa insurance

    I put in my dark horse vin for USAA insurance quote, and the Vin comes up as a dark horse. It doesn’t come up as a GT or a mustang so ford is actually with a Vin decoder listing this as a separate model for insurance purposes.
  6. Tacticly

    Dark horse handling and appearance package

    I ordered my car April 6, 2023 mustang dark horse with a handling package and an appearance package. The car still hasn’t been built. My dealer called me and said that the ford rep said if you want to take delivery of this car is a 2024 then remove the handling package and the appearance package...
  7. Tacticly

    Discounts dark horse and GT cars on ground all over

    If you have a dark horse on order and you’re paying over MSRP or MSRP, you should probably consider renegotiating your car on delivery. I originally ordered my dark horse at 5000 over in April price protected still hasn’t been delivered. The dealer already told me they’re not gonna be selling me...
  8. Tacticly

    Dealers near me already discounting

    And as I said in previous posts, lots of unsold cars on ground in S5 50 generation this dealer never had more than one or two cars at a time, and they never discounted them https://www.griffinford.com/searchnew.aspx?ModelAndTrim=Mustang
  9. Tacticly

    Lots of unsold dark horse on ground

    100 plus many handling pack cars, at msrp do you know what that means you walk in on a slow day in the winter, I’m in the Milwaukee area that’s within 500 miles search and you’re paying under retail the dealers trying to sell them over msrp keep lowering prices and with this many cars on the...
  10. Tacticly

    Paint issues see video

    Here we go again
  11. Tacticly

    Dark horse front spoiler lip question

    When my handling package arrives is the front spoiler lip two separate pieces ? On the Mach 1 I have you could add it if you want for street use but car came from factory with standard lip attached. I am seeing cars arrive at dealerships without any lips attached if that’s the case is the...
  12. Tacticly


  13. Tacticly


    If they do strike every week out is a month for an order at least, And whether they do or don’t strike look for a 5-10 percent price increase on MSRP immediately which if you have an order in is good for you value wise as you are price protected. Either way prices are going up because the only...
  14. Tacticly

    Ordered April 6

    Dark horse premium HP, My email doesn’t work in tracking and haven’t gotten a delay or update later from ford in a few months wtf. So I am figuring end of year if lucky because at this point it wouldn’t be an oct-nov build
  15. Tacticly

    Just one week would back up orders months