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  1. Q6543

    Steering feel on s650 vs s550

    I put steeda progressive lowering springs and cradle bushings/ locators… changed steering handling dynamics quite abit on my base car 🤷‍♂️ maybe you’ll want to start modifying some things… just an idea.
  2. Q6543

    Dealer Test drive refusal?!?!

    My man!! I have a hardcore scotch collection as well… I have got to share something for you to try casamigos mezcal …. It’s a smoked tequila I was jaw dropped from the 1st sip… if you get the chance to try, it’s like it was made for elite scotch snobs.
  3. Q6543

    Official CARBONIZED GRAY Mustang S650 Thread

    @728Autos what rear tires? And are those the silver pony wheels coated black? looks great đź‘Ť
  4. Q6543

    2024 GT Mustang vs the Dark Horse, How Much H. Power

    He’s referring to JPC fuel test dyno vids. Carbon trap results get skewed by the TBs closing up top on the GT.
  5. Q6543

    Kooks 1 7/8 into stock resonator/catback!!

    People worry about the wrong stuff. 1. There is a code for the signal delay between upstream and downstream sensors… if there were some way to delay that transfer function by a few milliseconds then it would be within factory tolerance.
  6. Q6543

    2024 GT Mustang vs the Dark Horse, How Much H. Power

    The HP difference is in the engine tuning, that is all. GTs the throttle bodies begin to close at peak rpm.. dark horse stays open higher in the RPMs. It’s really as simple as that.
  7. Q6543

    Aftermarket subwoofer signal, base model

    Sit in the back seat… it’s under the roof panel, held on by magnets. Unclip the ANC there.
  8. Q6543

    Dark Horse vs Shelby

    Me and karguy agree for once… non R gt350s are pretty lackluster…I’ve had personal experiences with 3 friends owning them 1 R and 2 normies. and the tremec isn’t all that either. 1st thing fathouse does is build the engine and go sequential trans.
  9. Q6543

    What is the lightest weight exhaust system for the S650?

    Robvas nailed it, that or herfurth aluminum HARM kit, here is boschmas harm, and steedas x dumps
  10. Q6543

    GT vs Dark Horse

    Steeda progressive and 25mmđź‘Ť
  11. Q6543

    GT vs Dark Horse

    Op… I put lowering springs and spacers on my GT… and have had people call it a dark horse numerous times… the general public is unaware of trim levels
  12. Q6543

    Dealer Test drive refusal?!?!

    There are just too many bums and hustlers. if it’s a normie car, sure enjoy your test drive. when my brother bought his GT500 there was no test drive available… something like you can test drive after the paperwork’s been signed… on specialty cars they need commitment.
  13. Q6543

    Dealer Test drive refusal?!?!

    We have a saying…. You gonna buy the car or you not gonna buy the car…he not gonna buy the car. And you didn’t… another “he not gonna buy the car” Test drive is after it’s yours…. Is the same chassis on stickier rubber. he should have let you sit in the seats though.
  14. Q6543

    Header Install (Wisconsin)

    I just paid 1000 but it was a highly reputable mustang specific shop. crazy about them freaking on cats, try Facebook groups, gotta be someone close to you for a grand or less.
  15. Q6543

    900+ RWHP with Gen 6 Whipple

    well UPS just made the drop, so guess I’ll be the one people run across
  16. Q6543

    900+ RWHP with Gen 6 Whipple

    I’d say it is, doesn’t have anything that me or any other mustang owner doesn’t. Nothing exotic at all.. even has cats (which is keeping power down) it’s a textbook example of what you’re gonna run across on the street…. Making 900 now I need an aluminator.
  17. Q6543

    900+ RWHP with Gen 6 Whipple

    It’s a stage 2 pullied for 15psi on racegas.
  18. Q6543

    900+ RWHP with Gen 6 Whipple

    That video shows why what whipple and ford have done for us is such a bargain, ID injectors, fore return system, custom E85 tuning… easily 6 grand OR MORE on top of the kit. 2024 is such a bargain, and removing unnecessary tuning expenses Poor tuning companies…RIP FORD may as well unlock it...
  19. Q6543

    900+ RWHP with Gen 6 Whipple

    JFC I just realized it’s got CATS still… 1000, maybe easier than even I thought
  20. Q6543

    900+ RWHP with Gen 6 Whipple

    As I was trying to explain in other threads… pullied down with 260GT or C16… there’s a TON of headroom *reposting, not my car