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  1. Windshield Washer is Very Weak

    You might also look for a pinched hose that might restrict flow. For the record, mine squirts strong once it gets past the second or two delay before fluid hits the windshield. My F150 is the same way.
  2. Oil level after delivery of new car?

    Mine was at the full mark. I don't know if the dealer topped it up or not, but it was fine.
  3. Are you using auto rev match on your S650?

    My current ride is auto, but in my 2019 I turned it off right away.
  4. Coolant level when cold

    They are NOT the same!!!!!!! Yellow is the only one to use in your new Mustang. Google the differences in Motorcraft antifreeze colors and you will understand...
  5. Coolant level when cold

    I would stick with the Motorcraft antifreeze that is the factory fill. You can get a gallon of prediluted antifreeze from your dealer. It's not that expensive. In a pinch, Amazon has it as well.
  6. Almost no love for the Ecoboost

    As near as I can remember, it was about the same. But... keep in mind that they are 5 years apart in timing, so I don't think it is a good comparison.
  7. Coolant level when cold

    You do know that you can add some to get it to your comfort level, right?
  8. Almost no love for the Ecoboost

    More love to the ecoboost. I have had 5 Mustangs counting this one, only one being a V8. 1965: straight 6, 3 spd 1974: V6, 4 spd 2017: V6, auto 2019: V8, 6 spd 2024: EB 4, A10 While the V8 was fun, it felt ponderous to me. Sound was great, but other than that, I could take it or leave it. The...
  9. Does this mean they really are shipping it?

    Go to your dealer and have them look it up on Vinview. If it is built, it will show exactly where it is at (it shows a GPS map). It will also give you the current status and estimates for delivery, but they are only estimates, so they will likely change over time.
  10. Ford Mustang 60th Anniversary Package Limited Edition Draws on Classic Style of 1965 Original

    IMHO, my first car ever was a 1965 Mustang. The first Mustangs had a corral around the pony, and had silver bars extending east and west of the corral. No hint of that, so no nostalgic feeling here. Edit: it looks like the coupe might have this feature. We will see...
  11. 12.0V resting - should I be concerned?

    Make sure the charger you get is suitable for AGM batteries. I personally have both a NOCO Genius 5 and a Genius 10. They work great but there are many other options as well.
  12. 12.0V resting - should I be concerned?

    If your car is only 2 days old and you did not charge the battery when you got home, I am not at all surprised. Mine was at a 50% state of charge when I took delivery. It took a 10A battery charger a few hours to bring it up to full. If you are going to take a long drive this weekend (at least a...
  13. Center display.....

    Hit the expand button at the lower right of the Nav screen. That will make it full screen.
  14. Coolant level when cold

    Was it like this upon delivery? How often do you look at it? I had to put some in at around 1k miles as bubbles purged themselves from the coolant passages. Since then it has been unchanged (7k miles). I would look for leaks, top it off, and keep a close eye on it.
  15. Charge System Fault at 320 miles

    If the battery fault indicator is on when the engine is running, then the alternator is not charging. Let's hope it is something simple.
  16. GT Break in Procedure

    Off the top of my head... Brakes Transmission, both A10 and M6 Rear end Probably a few other more subtle ones, but this is a start...
  17. Trunk Mat options and trunk dimensions

    It's a hard rubber.
  18. Service/Repair Manual?

    Helm, Inc. Is the only source I know of. I check regularly and so far they have been consistently out of stock. It is a USB drive, not a paper manual.
  19. First OTA software update

    Interesting... my guages were not reset. I'll have to check the EQ.