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  1. Supra Killer

    20" HRE FF04's on Michelin Pilot Super Sports

    Wheels are 10" wide ET35 (f), 11" wide ET50 (r); tires 275/35 (f), 305/30 (r) Shout out to Tom @ Vibe for the help!
  2. Supra Killer

    OEM Performance pack wheel offset

    Does anyone know what the wheel offset is on the factory performance pack wheels?
  3. Supra Killer

    How to remove Gyeon Q² Rim?

    I applied this sealant to my performance pack wheels. It has a high gloss finish once it dries. It almost looks wet but the problem is I don't think I prepped the surface correctly and it adhered unevenly. I tried to fix that by going over with another coat but it didn't help. I just want to...
  4. Supra Killer

    Owners with spacers, are you seeing chips?

    I'd like to install spacers, but I don't want to deal with chipped paint from rocks being kicked up. So, I had a place install PPF and ceramic coating, and apparently I wasn't clear enough on what I wanted when quoted. The picture shows the sections covered/not. My question is to owners with...
  5. Supra Killer

    Increased horsepower after 1000 mile break in?

    I'm sure you've heard ideas to the contrary. Applies to a GT? I think maybe Steeda refuted this already?
  6. Supra Killer


    I go to start up the car today, and immediately after starting it, It delivers its first failure. Took to the dealership and the service department just closed. So they gave me a loaner ('24 Mustang Ecoboost) and said they would take a look at it Monday and give me a heads up. Didn't even get...
  7. Supra Killer

    Owner's manual?

    I finally got my car, I like it a lot but there wasn't an owner's manual that I can find. The sales guy said its probably in the infotainment system. Is this the case?