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  1. 5.0ALM

    Shell Australia: WIN the all-new 2024 Ford Mustang GT

    I don't normally buy gas petrol from Shell, but a second S650 to choose which one to keep would be nice. FYI... https://www.shell.com.au/motorists/promotions-and-offers/mustang.html If you win as a result of seeing this post, you're welcome, and sending a carton or two of beer my way would...
  2. 5.0ALM

    Ford Mustang 60th Celebration Livestream: Apr 17 @ 5PM ET

    FYI Ford Mustang 60th Celebration Livestream
  3. 5.0ALM

    13.2" Center Screen Connectivity?

    Hi all. Has anyone disconnected their 13.2" center screen? Looks easier with the base model, and separate screen. Assume connectivity would be common with other Sync4 equipped Ford vehicles? What do we know about this screen? OEM part number? Ignoring the touch connectivity (separate...
  4. 5.0ALM

    CJs: Everything You Missed @ Ponies in the Smokies 2024!

    Everything You Missed At Ponies in the Smokies 2024!
  5. 5.0ALM

    Falcon XB GT Last of the 1st Gen Ford Muscle Cars

    I stumbled across this video this morning. Most Aussies won't find anything new, but this retrospective look back is interesting all the same. It brought back a few memories of my 1977 XC Fairmont GXL with the 4.9L V8 that I had in late 80's. Fuel economy was abysmal (jets were way too big...
  6. 5.0ALM

    RTR style side graphics alternative?

    I really like the RTR S650 side graphics. Clean and simple. RTR will only sell these as a part of a more expensive package, and not separately. :crying: I'd get the Steeda Sidewinder decals, if it weren't for their branding. Just want plain, clean and simple. Does anyone know of a...
  7. 5.0ALM

    Steeda: Prevent Wheel & Tire Rubbing on your 2024 Mustang

    FYI, recently published by Steeda... How to Prevent Wheel & Tire Rubbing On Your 2024 Mustang!
  8. 5.0ALM

    Does Engine Break-In Affect Horsepower?

    FYI... Does Engine Break-In Affect the Horsepower on Your 2024 Ford Mustang?
  9. 5.0ALM

    Labor's fuel efficiency "tax"

    Here we go. A fuel efficiency tax, to push the public towards EVs. Because EVs are going to save the world. Right? EVs, of course, that are only ever charged during the day from solar etc or other renewables, never by conventional base load generation. The ALP is targeting 141g/km as a...
  10. 5.0ALM

    Steeda: 10 Things You Should Know as a First-Time Mustang Owner

    An article from Steeda. Obviously written for the domestic Merican market, but interesting all the same. Article: https://www.steeda.com/first-time-mustang-owner-checklist
  11. 5.0ALM

    2024 Season Launch Livestream | Bred to Race | Ford

    2024 Season Launch Livestream | Bred to Race | Ford A new golden age of Ford motorsports is dawning. And we’re bringing our fans along for the ride. In 2024, we’re racing in more events, series, terrains, and places than any other brand. But that's not all—our commitment to innovation...
  12. 5.0ALM

    Jim Farley at Calder Park raceway (Melbourne, Australia) Dec 23

    Ford Motor Company President and CEO, Jim Farley, visited Australia in December 2023 and spent time at Calder Park Raceway in Melbourne, where he drove a Tickford Racing Gen3 Mustang Supercar after hot lapping as passenger with the car's regular driver, Cam Waters. Video courtesy Ford...
  13. 5.0ALM

    Is this how the S650 dash should have been?

    Is this the dash/instrument cluster that the S650 should have received? The top screen tends to resemble a traditional binnacle hump, albeit just one and not two. From a recent Throttle House review of the Lucid Gravity.
  14. 5.0ALM

    Spare Tyre solutions

    Now that we have our orders officially in, and contracts signed, time to think about various accessories to get ready, specifically a spare tyre. Here's one solution. https://www.ponyparts.design/drivesava-mustang-spare-wheel-spring-summer-specia Is it safe to assume the front S650 Brembo...
  15. 5.0ALM

    MY24 AU GT Differences

    I'm sure we've all perused the brochure released by Ford (of Australia) officially released last Thursday. https://www.ford.com.au/content/ford/au/en_au/site-wide-content/overlays/forms/download-brochure/ Ignoring the drop in power :curse:, what other differences with the US spec GT have you...
  16. 5.0ALM

    New GT 6-Sp manual owners - the clutch spring?

    Wondering if any new S650 GT 6-Sp manual owners feel the Steeda clutch spring/perch kit is required? Your opinion (vote) would be appreciated, along with a comment about if you are coming from an S550 6-Sp (with or without Steeda clutch spring), or if this is the first manual car for you in a...
  17. 5.0ALM

    Panama Canal Restrictions and Shipping Delays

    Just what we need - not! :lipssealed: FYI An interesting article. I have a feeling our first arrival cars will not ship until January once the Christmas rush has finished, where container ships have priority. It's typically a ~ 45 day sail from Baltimore, so end of March/early April... and...
  18. 5.0ALM

    Aussie aftermarket suppliers for Mustang

    Below is a compilation of Mustang aftermarket parts suppliers located here in Australia, where Melbourne appears to be the capital of parts suppliers! Given the apparent lack of choice with S650 options, let's hope the aftermarket can supply our needs. The following vendors currently offer...
  19. 5.0ALM

    FORD Australia leases entire ship

    Not Mustang, but interesting all the same. Great to see Ford AU being proactive with addressing logistics issues. Unlikely to see this with our Mustangs as they are "batched" and not in continuous supply like the Ranger and Everest. Source...
  20. 5.0ALM

    UAW to vote on strike authorization next week

    FYI... Published in the last few hours. One more thing that will [potentially] delay manufacture and deliveries. https://apnews.com/article/auto-workers-strike-vote-contract-talks-stellantis-ford-gm-a9ed886880d2549b230e4de97452371c...