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  1. TTown

    Regular GT v Performance Pack & MagneRide

    I had a regular regular 2019 GT without the perf. pack / magride. I never really cared for the sloppy, bobbing about feeling when pressing the car a little or on uneven or winding roads? In a 2024, would getting the perf. pack / magneride largely solve this?
  2. TTown

    ZL1 >>>> to a GT or DH?

    Has anyone on here ever let go of a current gen Camaro ZL1 and moved back to a Mustang GT or DH simply because the Mustang sounds better, is a better daily, or other reasons? [Cue the comments for one would have to be crazy to even consider such a thing.]
  3. TTown

    Drag Times....

    Not very impressive times.
  4. TTown

    Acquisition Fee

    Is the $645 "acquisition fee" on the build site only applicable if you are leasing a car or something, or does everyone get to pay that?
  5. TTown

    3.55:1 Limited-slip rear axle option VERSUS 3.55:1 TORSEN Limited-slip rear axle (Performance Package with automatic)

    What is the practical difference between these two options?
  6. TTown

    GT Ride Quality Variations

    So for those who might have a good guess based on the S550 variants, how would one compare: 1. Base GT ride to 2. GT with performance pack to 3. GT with performance pack and magneride (normal mode) At least one reviewer suggests getting the GT with the performance pack but w/o magneride (Alex...
  7. TTown

    Build and Price

    Wasn't the final update to Build and Price supposed to come out in June?
  8. TTown

    Ordering Question - Nite Pony Package & Perf. Pack

    Has anyone been able to confirm that the Nite Pony and Performance Packs come with the wheels in this pickture plus this black elevated spoiler? The build site isn't clear. Perhaps it will become clear on the next build-site revision. Surely someone has ordered and had this combo confirmed...
  9. TTown

    2024 Mustang rear-end an improvement?

    I'm curious, who actually thinks that the area below the license plate was an improvement?