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  1. agreywolfe

    Mustang Dark Horse GT4 sweeps in Australian debut at Phillip Island

    race 2 of the GT4 series at Phillip Island just ended with the Mustang GT4 taking the win overall after a late race penalty for the nearest competitor in P2 left their McLaren 10 seconds behind at the finish line, they also won the first race as well making it a sweep. Great way to start this...
  2. agreywolfe

    Looks like the FP800s parts can be ordered individually

    after seeing the announcement for the FP supercharger that the 800s would come with i decided to look into the remainder of the parts, so far ive seen Ford Performance list the exhaust on their website its 3k for the catback with 5" tips, it also includes the DH rear valance for GTs...
  3. agreywolfe

    Anyone ever hear of this company NYTOP?

    So I'm in the middle of planning my next money fire for parts, mainly looking at wheels and tires and I decide to see if there are any fender flares for the mustang GT yet, I see plenty of ads for the Mach 1 but suddenly this website pops up: https://nytop.store/ford-mustang-accessories-store...
  4. agreywolfe

    New FTC guidelines "CARS rule" is changing how cars are advertised

    Set to go into effect July 30th these new rules will outlaw two major scummy dealership practices. First is, while it won't stop ADMs outright, all ADMs are required to be included in all posted advertising for the vehicle. The one thing not required on advertised price is government charges...
  5. agreywolfe

    Hagerty: 2024 Mustang Really Is a Dark Horse — Review & Documentary feat BMW M4 — Jason Cammisa on the ICONS

    There's a lot more in here than just the Dark Horse, definitely worth a watch.
  6. agreywolfe

    Greywolfes RTR spec 1/2

    I decided to get the RTR appearance kit for my 2024 GTPP. However I'm not a fan of the rear spoiler vs other options so I'm skipping that and I have other plans for the wheels then what the spec 2 offers, also It's cheaper this way :) Already got most of the parts in, just missing the upper...
  7. agreywolfe

    S650 1K mile/ 1-month owner review from an S197

    ***beware this is an opinion on the internet, as such everything i say is 100% factual, if you disagree you can find me at the Waffle House at 3am*** So ive had the car for about a month now and figured not enough opinions exist on the internet so i figured id throw mine onto the pile as well...
  8. agreywolfe

    Supercharger, Turbos, or Procharger (centrifugal)?

    so continuing off of a question i asked earlier this week what are those of you who plan on doing FI planning on using? obviously Superchargers are a staple for the American muscle car scene, but ive seen a lot of good builds with mustangs, especially a few kits ive seen from Hellion over the...
  9. agreywolfe

    How long until you void your warranty? (poll)

    so everyone's already said a lot about what they plan on doing when they get their Mustangs. For the most part is simple stuff, Tint, PPF, ceramic, etc. what im curious about here is the bigger stuff. How long until you do something that unquestionably voids your factory warranty, or do you plan...
  10. agreywolfe

    Today (July 31st) is the last day to order a Last Call Dodge Challenger or Charger.

    as announced by Stallantis, dodges parent company, all dealers had until the end of July to submit their orders for the last call versions of the Challenger and Charger, actual production is slated to be complete on Dec. 31st at the latest...
  11. agreywolfe

    I dont think there will be a GT350...

    now that ive got your attention let me expand on that title: "i dont think there will be a GT350 in the way everyone thinks there will be" before i continue let me make it clear. I do not work for Ford. i do not have a relationship with Ford in any form outside of owning a car, and im not...
  12. agreywolfe

    Ford SurfaceCARE questions

    So one of the stipulations from my dealer for getting the GT order in was they mandate Ford SurfaceCARE on every car that people custom order through them, thankfully they gave me a handy brochure that in true Ford fashion, has told me absolutely nothing of use. Does anyone know what is involved...