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  1. Documenting Oil Changes and General Maintenance.

    So what are you guys using to document oil changes and general maintenance? I usually buy stuff either from Amazon or Walmart. Do you upload receipts to Ford Pass or use something different? TIA
  2. 4-Door Mustang Model Possible Says Ford CEO

    Hard pass... If Ford releases some kind of 4 door pseudo Mustang please call it something other than Mustang.
  3. Excessive road noise

    I have the Conti tires and from past experience they are a wee bit noisy depending upon the road. Same on my 2024. No big deal as they are excellent all around tires IMHO. I'm just glad they don't sing/whine. I had a set of BF Goodrich on my 03 GT and they were very annoying on the highway.
  4. Disabling Auto Start Stop permanently?

    Ya! Good idea! It's a 2024 GT Premium, auto, AE in Atlas Blue with Carmine Red interior.
  5. New Member

    Beautiful car ! Congrats!
  6. Disabling Auto Start Stop permanently?

    My car was built middle of January 2024 and I think it was a Job #2 car, but thankfully no start/stop. I think they had a parts supply problem at the time. My wife's 2024 VW Atlas has it and I hate it. In the Atlas if you creep up to a stop light, it will not activate. It's also easily turned...
  7. Dealer Test drive refusal?!?!

    ROTFLMAO ! I asked my wife if I could keep her but she said no. I'm not sure why? LOL!
  8. Dealer Test drive refusal?!?!

    When I was shopping for the usual suspects I looked at a Boxster. It was a dismal week day and the sales girl asked me if I wanted to go for a test drive and I told her I'm just in the early stages and didn't want to waste her time. She looked at me, smiled, and said "well I want to go on a test...
  9. Regular Round Gauges?

    Where is the pre-set panel for Sirius/XM? I don't see it. I figured out that if I hold the station name next to the icon, NOT the big icon but the little one, it will add a star which I assume means it's in my favorites. It gives a dialog box on the screen that says something like "use the up...
  10. Regular Round Gauges?

    Do share!
  11. Regular Round Gauges?

    I have the same question.
  12. Regular Round Gauges?

    So how do I get regular round gauges on the display? I'm using sport mode most of the time. I must be missing something. At the same time, how do I save favorites using XM/Sirius? I've searched and searched on nothing I find works.. TIA
  13. S650 interior first impressions

    The base model gets 2 separate screens. The premium model gets a single screen. Functionally they are the same.
  14. CD player-Underdash or Portable

    My wife is old school and wanted a CD player for her 24 VW Atlas. I purchased this one which while pricey works flawlessly, at least in the VW. Can't say for the Mustang though. Plenty of alternatives on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRH1XPCM?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  15. New York S650 Official Ford Cargo Mat (Trunk) Cars WITH subwoofer

    Have the above for sale. Ford PR3Z-7811600-AA pick up only Eastern Long Island. Normal cost $135 Levittown Ford... Asking $75.00.... Brand new.
  16. First Car Show of '24!

    Same here. Wifey wanted Atlas Blue with a stripe and Carmine Red interior . She's the artist so I went with it even though I was a bit nervous. It looks great and I get compliments all the time. The premium with the 401a accents the interior and makes it look "classy" for lack of a better term.
  17. Smoke from engine after long drive

    Looks like the dealer service department checked all the right boxes! Glad it's fixed.
  18. Dealer Test drive refusal?!?!

    I live in NYS but in suburbia and I've had both experiences. Either the salesperson is sitting in the car during test drive or they just hand me the keys and ask me to put gas in it if it runs low. They pay for the gas, obviously. I've even had a dealer loan me a demo for a weekend. I ended up...
  19. 400A vs 401A