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  1. dusman59

    Ford/Lincoln ODB II Experts?

    Not sure what they use on todays Lincolns to sense door open but older ones had a door switch that would go bad and trigger false alarms.
  2. dusman59

    Rubber piece hanging down behind grille

    Get it fixed as it should not be like that.
  3. dusman59

    Missing Underbody Strakes?

    I saw mine right after it came off the truck. They were in the trunk. Dealer installed before I picked it up. GT PP
  4. dusman59

    Beginner’s Buying Guide: Washing & Detailing Essentials List

    Its nice having the right tools to do the job. Things have come along way from when back in the mid sixties where I would do detailing,tuneups and oil changes for extra money. I had accounts at local Ford dealships to get supplies wholesale. You could get complete tuneup kits in a can. This...
  5. dusman59

    Oil level after delivery of new car?

    I don't put enough miles on as the blend has worked fine. I have used Ford oil since 1969.
  6. dusman59

    Dark Horse Car Cover

    @GripTime... I'm sure your car looks ok from a distance. Your color is somewhat forgiving. But I'm sure you have plenty of fine micro scratches that would never be accepted by an average OCD person like myself. Also what covers are using as I know there is no single cover going to last 17...
  7. dusman59

    Ford Aerodynamics

    Did the s550 sit on the same type of jig? I didn't think there were drastic changes from the s550 to the s650 undercarriage. I do know Ford did use newer wind tunnel testing on s650 that led to covers,strakes and hood venting changes.
  8. dusman59

    Black Pony Emblem

    Ford uses all the screws for those that go above 150mph that might cause it to come loose. That blue pony looks great. Lets me know how it would look on my Atlas blue.👍🏻
  9. dusman59

    Oil level after delivery of new car?

    Checked mine and was right at the add mark. I added 1/2qt put things in the middle zone. 850 miles oil is still in the middle. I don't baby the car but haven't gone to redline yet but close. I will change break in oil out at around 2k with Ford blend. On my 2011 I waited to 3k and it uses no...
  10. dusman59

    Performance Spoiler & Mirror Caps Painted!

    👍🏻So tastefully done.
  11. dusman59

    Can you believe my crappy luck?!?! (but damn good dealership!)

    260 miles and I get a warning on my phone while watching TV. Sure enough a skrew in the meaty part of the tread. Took the tire to Discount Tire they unmounted the tire from the rim fixed it and rebalanced all for no charge.
  12. dusman59

    Dark Horse Manual Clutch Adjustment?

    I don't believe the clutch can be adjusted as it is hydraulic and uses the brake fluid that is connected to the brakes. The only way maybe making a change to the slave cylinder distance to the pressure plate. If it is not set correctly the clutch will not disengage. Setting must be correct.
  13. dusman59

    Ford Aerodynamics

    I don't see why closing the openings behind the front wheels would cause any issues. I closed mine off from day one and my whole front clip didn't fall off.
  14. dusman59

    Price Increase. Pay or Walk.

    Guess I Was sidetracked. Sounds like the dealer was great.
  15. dusman59

    Price Increase. Pay or Walk.

    Read your X plan stipulations. It is all spelled out regarding pricing.
  16. dusman59

    LED's in the snorkels. Do they serve a purpose other than accent lighting?

    Plenty of info on this issue on other threads on the forumn.
  17. dusman59

    Is this normal from ford?

    Mustangs have always had gaps and various quality issues. My 69 Mach1 had major gaps with issues. My 2011 had only one problem with the power passenger seat and was fixed under warranty. Believe it or not they are much improved from what was made in the past. This is true from all the major...
  18. dusman59

    Missing fender insert/plug on passenger side door fender gap

    Not sure the purpose of the stickers but my 2011 has them. I don't believe they hurt anything by leaving them in place.
  19. dusman59

    #2 Snap-On Tools Mustang

    I don't care what kind of racing it is. Anything that has an ice under the hood I'm all in.
  20. dusman59

    Is my GT engine missing a strut bar?

    @sreveo1960 if you are removing heads on a coyote the STB should be the least part of the challenge.