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  1. Evo1986

    4-Door Mustang Model Possible Says Ford CEO

    Hello folks, the rumours spreading again that Ford has another suprise for us, namely the Mustang as 4 door. Here are more hints from CEO Jim Farley: Ford CEO Jim Farley is open to adding new body styles to the Mustang lineup, including a four-door, as long as it captures the spirit of the...
  2. Evo1986

    European Pricing & Configurator Released for 2024 Mustang

    Okay folks, the time has come that Ford Europe and in this case Germany has revealed the configutator and pricelist. A fully equipped Mustang GT Fastback with AT is around 67K€. That's 72K in dollars. A fully equipped Darkhorse with AT is around 77K€. That's 83K in dollars. The convertibles...
  3. Evo1986

    S650 Black decklid

    I came across some pictures on social media where people already installed a black decklid on their new Stangs. How do you find them? I personally think that the black decklid on the yellow Stang looks really good and actually better than the original version. Greetz Evo
  4. Evo1986

    Delivered! Show us your new Mustang! (Pictures ONLY)

    Hey folks, I am not entirely sure if we have a thread like that, but since people starting to get their Stangs, we could have one thread where the new owners could share their pictures and/or videos all together. Would be better rather than opening new threads by every person which would lead...
  5. Evo1986

    S650 Mustang Ordering Delayed to 2024 for Europe (Germany as example)

    Hey guys, I have encountered a picture on Facebook by Ford Germany. They talked about the launch of the new Mustang GT4 and at the very bottom they also stated when order dates of the Mustang are due in Germany (and most likely the rest of Europe). As of late order starting date was " from...
  6. Evo1986

    S650 vs S550 real life side by side comparison look (rear view)

    A nice comparison between the Gen 6 and Gen 7 in black. Does the Gen 7 have a small rear wing (ducktail) or does the angle confuses the eyes?
  7. Evo1986

    Ford Mustang - Mid-Engine - Discussion

    Hey folks, not entirely relevant about the upcoming Gen7, but it is maybe worth a discussion regarding Mustangs being mid engines or not. It was unthinkable for the Corvette, yet the C8 is one mid engined car. Do you guys think this will ever happen to the Mustang? Gen8 and beyond or not...
  8. Evo1986

    All Black DARK HORSE Mustang (Shadow Black). Batmobile 🦇

    Just found this nice all in black Shadow Black Dark Horse Mustang. Batmobile.
  9. Evo1986

    Thoughts and Expecations on Mustang S650 - Technology and Performance

    Hello Stang Community, firstly if this type of thread was announced before, apologies for the doubly entry. Most threads in this forum contentrates on interior and exterior design, but we never really spoke or debated about the technological part of the car. I know we have talked a lot about...
  10. Evo1986

    Mustang S650 Dark Horse in Blue Ember @ the STL Autoshow

    Hey folks, this week a few shots were taken of the dark horse at the St Louis autoshow. As always looking fine with some more details to look at. Greetz Evo
  11. Evo1986

    S550 Mach 1 Handling Package Wheels on S650 Dark Horse

    I don't know whether I was supposed to post it in the vapor blue thread, but here are 2 new images (sorry if that has been posted already) of the Dark Horse in Vapor Blue. Interestingly this DH has the Mach 1 handling package wheels if I can recall correctly. Somehow these 2 pictures look...
  12. Evo1986

    Small details for the S650 Mustang via monthly Ford Europe Report

    Hello folks. Since my dad worked at Ford, we get this monthly Ford Report and there is a 2 paged article about the Mustang and the plans for EU. Interview was conducted with Jon Williams, GM Ford Blue Europe. Most of the details are already known, but there are small details which may or may...
  13. Evo1986

    Have we really seen everything of the S650 yet?

    Hey guys, I don't know why, but my feeling tells me that we have not seen all the technical specs or details of the S650 (especially Darhk Horse) yet apart from the obvious. I watched some review on YouTube, but I think they still hold an embargo of what to address and what not. The cars will...
  14. Evo1986

    Ford Mustang S650 - 60 years edition

    Hello guys, I know it is maybe a bit early, but I wanted to discuss with you about a potential 60 years edition model. In recent years we have seen the 50 years and 55 years model (which I also own) respectively. The 7th generation will be a MY24 so I assume a 60 years edition might be...